Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 133 of 365: Cutting Up

I have been in t-shirt cutting mode lately and this is one of my creations! Once again I got the idea from Andrea's Choice via YouTube! I love it! 

My little bushka has a new friend now! They are so cute! This is the first time Izzy has got a long with another dog so quickly. Or I should say the first time another dog has gotten along with izzies crazy ass. Together Izzy and Lucy make Lizzie! Friends!

Day 130 - 132 of 365: Miss Worse'm, Washer Machines, and WOD's

Say hello to Miss Worse'm. This night Hubby had to work late so its was just us. She was barking out the door window seems all night!!! Finally when she got the clue that mom doesn't like when I do this, she crashed. SMH....Crazy DOG!!! lol My crazy dog. 

Friday, we went washer and dryer hunting and we found what we wanted, but due to my bank not letting me transfer money from my savings to checking after 5 or on the weekends we couldn't get it! The sale ended June 1st! I'm really bummed about that. 

Saturday was fun! That morning me and Hubs were hit with a crazy WOD called the Murph! As the picture shows it was no joke! I was really proud of myself though! I did the pulls ups RX style, no band! A couple of times during this work out I thought I was going to die! The AL heat did not help the situation either. Nevertheless, I pushed through and finished the whole workout in 73:20, which is okay! I surpassed what I thought I could do.

After the workout and freshening up, we went looking for a washer and dryer on base. We didn't find anything so we went for round 2 of cardio/round 3 for Hubs ;). What was the cardio you ask? Helping my best buds move into their new apartment! I'm so proud of them, granite the apartment complex isn't in the best of areas, but I think they will be okay. Moving that furniture up stairs in the heat was definitely another workout! But I helped do their rooms, helped put up clothes, and hubs repaired two walls! Yea, their couch was not easy getting into the apartment. So walls were knocked into. OOPS!  They repaid our generosity by cooking dinner for us. Adam can cook! :) 

Today (Sunday) we are going back over to get that wall finished up, and I have some house warming gifts for them!