Monday, January 10, 2011

# 10 of 365. Freezing Rain. Food Inc.

January 10th/Hubby Time

Today in Alabama, the skies opened up and sleet and freezing rain drizzled down so that the roads are now closed, and my husband and I are stuck in the house lounging around. His warmth on my body is the best.

I promised him a massage so after the picture, massaging hubby was a go.

Though I rather be snuggled up in my warm bed with him watching cartoon movies, such as Ant Bully, wasting the day away, I started school today. School was still prevalent even thought the classes were canceled. Unfortunately technology wins, because online classes are still running their course.

In my Business and Professional Writing class, the teacher wasted no time in teaching us the ways of enhancing our language and writing abilities. Though all the small technicalities she requires seem a bit tedious, I know that when I walk away from this class I will be well prepared to write my thoughts on paper in order to personify what needs to be told in the legal field in which I am embarking and even here on my blog!

This semester is going to be very busy with six classes, that are also very demanding, Right now forty hours is what my job requires of me, but soon twenty hours will be the deal. I will be over worked otherwise, and I will.


As I digress, I am now watching Food Inc.  I completely understand why some individuals choose to be vegan. It is a shame at how our country runs our food industry. The way the animals are treated are horrendous! Yet, we as a nation eat the antibiotic filled chickens, and the torchered cattle and pigs. Makes me rethink my eating habits. Not to mention ecoli is ramped. So what will I do? I don't know right now.

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