Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Almost to the 2nd Trimester

So, I'm almost there! I hadn't bled since May 14th. I'm hoping and praying it doesn't start any time soon. 

Today, I did see some light spotting when I wipe and a little in my underwear. This time around I'm not freaking out too bad. I have a feeling everything is going to be okay. Maybe the spotting has started due my high level of stress and anger towards our neighbors in the back. Their dog almost killed ours, and I have this hatred building each day our dog is not with us because she is at the vet recovering from surgery. Thankfully our little Izzy Boo Boo is still alive. She will need lots of time to get back to her normal self, but as long as she is with us we are happy.

But to get back on track. My diet has been a combo of good and bad. As of a couple of days ago I had only gained 1 pound since finding out I was pregnant. "Slow and steady wins the race" they say. I want to keep the weight gain slow and steady. The picture above was taken at the end of the day, so most of that may be bloating/constipation issues. 
Yes, I'm still dealing with constipation. I've learned that green smoothies, and yogurt mixed apples, granola, and nuts help sweep me clean .

I have switched my prenatal vitamins to prenatal gummy's, and they are yummy. 

I still have fatigue, but it's not as severe as earlier in the pregnancy.

I get weird sharp pains on my sides sometimes.

My vagina hurts sometimes lol it's weird.

I can't and don't eat much, but I eat often (every 2-3 hrs)

I only get nauseous when I'm really hungry. 

I love my popcorn chex mix, but I wouldn't say I crave any one thing in particular often.

Hubby and I have had sex a few times and I didn't bleed or anything, but he has been scared to actually really have sex with me. So sex isn't the same. I have used lelo a couple of times and have had no issues! (hallelujah) 

My breast have gotten bigger (Mason thinks they've gotten huge). They are heavier and definitely still tender. 

I've been telling more and more people, but I haven't posted on social media yet. Still waiting till I reach my safe zone. 

I've been knitting baby clothes, and now I'm working on some leg warmers for myself (treat to myself). After they are done I will work on a baby blanket. 

Overall, baby seems to being doing great and that is great news for me and Mason.