Saturday, May 2, 2015

Some Light is Coming Through

There's some light coming through now since my last post. THANK YOU JESUS! I needed that light. 
I haven't had any spotting or bleeding since that awful day. I did have brown discharge for a few days, but now that is gone as well. The brown discharge was probably old blood from bleeding as well as getting that pelvic exam at the ER. 

The only thing I'm dealing with is fatigue, pelvic pain (off and on), and now I get a little nauseous. I can handle this nausea, the first pregnancy I was nauseous everyday all day! I'm thankful that it is only a little sickness. 

Of course, I kind of put myself on a no working out regime because I started bleeding after working out. I hate it, but I will get back to it soon I'm sure! I have an ultra sound and doctor visit Monday, so I will ask Dr. Phillips what is best. I really don't want to loose all my gains with handstands and "jumping through". 

I'm happy Mason will get to see the 1st ultra sound. I'm hoping I will be 7 weeks, but I have a feeling I will be 6 weeks and some days. 

Oh, also, tomorrow is Mason's birthday (26 yrs old)! AH! I hope he likes what I got him! Well, I KNOW he will be happy! His mother says I spoil him, and she's right! lol

I love him and this baby I'm caring we made together