Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hair Diary

Current Products 

Yesterday, I washed my hair and it wasn’t too bad of an experience. But before washing my hair I made myself some rosemary oil. The oil was made by putting dried rosemary in a tinted plastic bottle, adding Jojoba oil and olive oil. I am letting this sit and will be adding this to my regime.

The rosemary oil is a stimulant, a cleansing agent, as well as helping to prevent hair thinning; therefore, I will be putting it on my scalp before washing it.

Lately, I have not been detangling my hair in the shower with a comb, because it seems that I loose more hair doing that. Everyone has been raving about this new hair utensil called the tangle teezer. I wanted to see what the hype was about so I purchased one yesterday. It took me going to three different Sally’s in order to find one in stock, and to my luck there was ONLY one left at the last Sally’s I went to.

After shampooing my hair with Giovanni’s Tea Tree Shampoo, I put their 50/50 balance conditioner in. Washed it out, got out the shower, and parted my hair in four sections.

I am trying this new method of not drying my hair with anything; just squeezing as much water out as I can on my own.

Using towels can snag the hairs and cause breakage, and I usually forget to bring a t-shirt into the bathroom to use as a drying aid.

After sectioning my hair, I put in my Giovanni Leave-in conditioner followed by argon oil for a sealant, and brushed my tangles away with the teezer as well as snipping single strand knots from my hair.  
I love the way the argon oil complimented the leave in conditioner. It made my hair extra soft and shiny, as well as surprisingly minimizing the effects of the white foam that loves to appear if using a significant amount.
The teezer was amazing! It went through my hair so much easier than a traditional comb and paddle brush. I won’t be going back to those anymore.
The teezer was $9.49 with my Sally’s card. The only downfall is that the brush can easily slip out of my hands because of the oil making it slippery. If it had a hand strap across the back, it would be more secure in my palm. Other than that, I really do love this new tool.

After detangling each section I twisted my hair in a few twists, and now I am wearing the twists back in a clip and a head band.

I do believe these will be my staple products.

*Products Used*
Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo
Giovanni 50/50 Balance Conditioner
Giovanni Leave in Conditioner
Argon Oil-purchased from Sally’s
Tangle Teezer

This morning I did use some castor oil on my edges before putting the head band over it.

Next on my list is to use the rosemary oil and to do a deep condition with my Giovanni Deep Conditioner. I have been slacking on the deep conditions, but it hasn’t done any damage not doing it.

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