Saturday, September 26, 2015

27 Week Update

So, clearly I'm a slacker when it comes to this blog. Mason is gone for the weekend so this would be the perfect time to catch my blog up! Plus, it is helpful to have when I do my video update for my youtube channel! I'm so scatter brained when I try to do them off the top of my head!

Let's start with the BABYMOON! Mason and I decided on New Orleans! New Orleans is no place for a pregnant woman! I couldn't drink and that's all people were doing! It's definitely a party city. It reminded me of a Southern NYC, but with more homeless people and children dancing on the street for money while their parents sat and watched.  It was kind of heartbreaking. Those kids no more than 5 and up were out there past 10 PM trying to make a dollar tap dancing!

But the highlights of the trip were:

The food

The 70 miles of walking (for the whole week)

The site seeing

The awful smell of Bourbon St.

Street Performers

Glorified funnel cake (Cafe Du Monet)

Mason coming home with a stomach virus

And lots of shopping for Bryson

Now that we are home, we are buckling down on finances again and focusing on prepping for baby boy! 
 Speaking of prep work things that I/we have accomplished so far are:

Passed my glucose test done earlier this month

Bought big ass prego sleeping pillow (life saver)

Bought Bryson's furniture

Bought a storage building to clear out his room

Picked a color and made a swatch on the wall in his room

Have bought him clothes and other baby items

Already scheduled his newborn photo shoot (complimentary for hiring our birthing photographer)

 The things that are to come and that I need to do are:

Doctor's appt. Oct. 2nd (no ultrasound)

3D/4D ultrasound Oct. 3rd ( can't wait to see what or who he will look like)

Have two baby showers (one thrown by besty Oct. 25th the other by mom Nov. 27th)

Go to a multitude of birthing classes. I signed us up for INFANT CPR, BREASTFEEDING, BIRTH BOOT CAMP, and CARING FOR A NEWBORN CLASS. Yes, I know I'm extra, but knowledge is power my friend! 

Pack my hospital bag

I feel like all that is a lot! But it will get done!!! Hopefully, Bryson won't come too early so that we can get the classes done.

As far as what has been going on with me specifically, here are some updates:

I wobble when I walk now (3rd trimester probs)

I'm huge! (to me anyway)

Bryson kicks and punches me hard now lol (at least I know he is okay)

My lower back kills me most days

I'm so tired like I was in the 1st trimester

Since the season change I've been battling cold like symptoms (ACV helps with sore throat and sleeping with humidifier with peppermint drops helps some)

I've gained 16 lbs so far (go me)

Bacon cheeseburgers and snapple are my favs right now

I'm not as hormonaly crazy as I was earlier on aka I'm not crying about spiders now

Pregnancy brain is real! (I forgot to put the e-break up on my manual car, so it rolled into another vehicle while I was in my office) Yea that was embarrassing

It's been harder and harder to keep motivated to workout. I try at least 2x a week to do something, but I'm always up and doing something if that counts!

My sex drive is non-existent and my husband finds it weird now that my belly is like HEY GUYS! WHAT'S UP?! YEA THERE'S A CHILD IN HERE THAT CAN HEAR NOW! (sigh) I feel a tad weirded out too.

The doctor said I have acid reflux, AWESOME!

That's really all the updates I have for my week 27. I'm so happy that this pregnancy has been going by smoothly! It is also going by really fast! Where is the time going?? Bryson will be here quick, fast, and in a hurry! I can't wait to see him October 3rd and actually hold him in December!