Saturday, April 21, 2012

Straight Hair vs Curly Hair

I recently straightened my hair. It had been 4 months since I had done so. I was so excited because my hair has gotten so long, the longest it's ever been since I was young. It's healthy as well and that is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

But today was wash day, and the curls are back. I must say, with straight hair it is SO much easier to deal with. I feel limited in some ways with my curly hair because it is so easily tangled!!!! I was really wishing I had a looser curl pattern! It would make it a lot easier but I can't change what grows from my head without manipulating it in some way! So right now it's I'm twists....:-/ ugh!!! It's been over two years of growing my hair natural and I still find myself confused!

People Are Crazy, but Whatever!

WHOOOO! SO I’ve got the blogging bug, once again…!!! Let me fill myself in on what has gone on since my last post…..
Me and hubby have finally moved into our own place. It’s a one bed room, one bath apartment! It’s so cute! I love it! Mind you, I, whoever, this is my first time living on my own!!!! AH!!! And to be honest, I pretty much do live on my own since hubby’s job (at the moment) keeps him gone majority of the month….Majority as in 2 to 3 weeks out of the month. It’s really unfortunate because our whole 1 year and 4 months has been him gone and me home. Nevertheless, our marriage is still banging…How does the saying go? “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and it truly does! Actually, the distance can either make the heart grow fonder or grow away! Lucky for me and my boo boo we go towards the fondness ^_^.
As I digress, Hubby and I made a video of him doing my makeup lol…that was fun! I even got a really nasty comment and message talking about how I was nigger loving a cracker and that I should die, and/or I will be killed by this person. . . I was taken a-back by this foul disturbing news, but I laughed…messaged the person back and told them “to go to hell you sick ass motherfucker. You don’t know me, BITCH!” Hubby and my best friend who had just returned from overseas, stuck up for me though! Come to find out the bitch is a fucking coward! Best believe sucker, I will be your worst nightmare if you want to step to me with some junk! Okay, maybe I can’t go all badass, but I know people that will for me. I, on the other hand will use my lovely techniques of blocking and deleting #bow!
Everyone has that thing that they never did, and want to do or wish they did do…mine is…I wish I would have started dance when I was way younger than 23…I love the Just Dance games and I just order Black Eyed Peas Experience…I love to dance! I want my daughter to love dance! I must say I kick ass in those Wii games lol…So, in my mid-old age, I’m going to find a dancing class.  Belly dance, pole dancing, zumba, hiphop, contempory, I don’t care! I like it all!

Oh! How could I forget! My last post said I was trying to find that career in the field that I graduated in...well I FINALLY GOT IT!!!! I make the most money that I have ever made! I am truly blessed, not many woman my age just getting out of college have found that job in their career so soon. Especially not without interning and such. But, Ive been planning my demise since I started working for the Clerk. I left that place as a magistrate, then I moved and got a job as a leasing professional, all the while interviewing at different law firms and such. Not to mention I am also apart of NALS which is a an association for legal professionals. Connections, connections, and networks my friend! You NEED them! With all that combined I got the job I wanted, which is working in Bankruptcy. I work for Chapter 13's Trustee in  the capital of my state, right downtown in the bustling city. I love my job, and I know it will only get better for me! 

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough! I must be resting my pretty little eyes. Family and friends day is tomorrow!


Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Has Come and I'm Just Getting Started

AAHHH! It's been quite some time since I've decided to post on my dear old faithful blog. Noone reads it, but I can always come back to my old writings and see what use to be!

When I get pregnant, way in the far away future, I want to write about my experience and post pictures and such. Maybe one day my little human can look back at what I had to say about them!

In the meantime, I'll have to write about my daily life sorrows and joys! One joy is that my husband has finally come home! He's been back a little over a month and it has been quite a whirlwind!

Since he has been back I've graduated from college and now we are both trying to find our way into better jobs for our living sake! We have to make it out of our parent's house at some point, and I'm hoping it is soon, soon, soon.