Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 133 of 365: Cutting Up

I have been in t-shirt cutting mode lately and this is one of my creations! Once again I got the idea from Andrea's Choice via YouTube! I love it! 

My little bushka has a new friend now! They are so cute! This is the first time Izzy has got a long with another dog so quickly. Or I should say the first time another dog has gotten along with izzies crazy ass. Together Izzy and Lucy make Lizzie! Friends!

Day 130 - 132 of 365: Miss Worse'm, Washer Machines, and WOD's

Say hello to Miss Worse'm. This night Hubby had to work late so its was just us. She was barking out the door window seems all night!!! Finally when she got the clue that mom doesn't like when I do this, she crashed. SMH....Crazy DOG!!! lol My crazy dog. 

Friday, we went washer and dryer hunting and we found what we wanted, but due to my bank not letting me transfer money from my savings to checking after 5 or on the weekends we couldn't get it! The sale ended June 1st! I'm really bummed about that. 

Saturday was fun! That morning me and Hubs were hit with a crazy WOD called the Murph! As the picture shows it was no joke! I was really proud of myself though! I did the pulls ups RX style, no band! A couple of times during this work out I thought I was going to die! The AL heat did not help the situation either. Nevertheless, I pushed through and finished the whole workout in 73:20, which is okay! I surpassed what I thought I could do.

After the workout and freshening up, we went looking for a washer and dryer on base. We didn't find anything so we went for round 2 of cardio/round 3 for Hubs ;). What was the cardio you ask? Helping my best buds move into their new apartment! I'm so proud of them, granite the apartment complex isn't in the best of areas, but I think they will be okay. Moving that furniture up stairs in the heat was definitely another workout! But I helped do their rooms, helped put up clothes, and hubs repaired two walls! Yea, their couch was not easy getting into the apartment. So walls were knocked into. OOPS!  They repaid our generosity by cooking dinner for us. Adam can cook! :) 

Today (Sunday) we are going back over to get that wall finished up, and I have some house warming gifts for them! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 129 of 365: HI LARIOUS

Dear goodness! I have been laughing all day! Between these two pictures, Kayne West hitting a stop sign, and Miguel doing a WWE smack down I've been rolling! The best kind of medicine anyway! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 147 -148: Memorial and Post M.D.

Memorial Day was great fun in the sun! I had way too much pulled pork, bread, beef, ice cream, pop up pie, wine, and beer! YES! I went all out! I was so tired when we got home around 9 pm. I could hardly move! So now, I'm trying to redeem myself. 

I sure did redeem my massage gift certificate! OMG that was the best hour massage! Ms. George hooked me up! At first I was really nervous! I have never had a professional full body massage, so it was kind of awkward being how the only thing separating my body from her was a thin sheet! I'm sure she's seen worse, but still it was awkward  She was really nice, made me feel comfortable, and she had an awesome fro! After she "felt me up" haha we chatted about natural hair. ;) 

The new workout shirt is a DIY from andreaschoice on youtube! That girl is so cool! In my head we are great friends haha. Tomorrow I will do my best at WOD while sporting my creation! Goodnight folks! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 142-146 of 365: Memorial Week

Wednesday me and hubs were just having a chill day after work hours. I really don't remember the details of that day. 

Thursday, I couldn't help but show of my abs poking through. From Janurary to til now there is a huge difference! Not only have I gone from 127 to 122 or 120 on good days. I've lost inches!!! I'm super proud of myself and I'm still in love with crossfit. 

Friday, I was on a mission to be more active at my sit-down job. I parked on the 4th floor instead of 3rd, and parked far far away from the exit to go down the stairs. I even jogged to the building, and did high knees to and from the copier at work. hahaha. Yes, I know, doing the most!

Saturday, I had to go to job number two! I had to love on my Izzy Bear before hand! She's is too STINKING CUTE!!! 

Today is my last day to work at the Biscuits for this week! But before hand, I'm reading the TIMES and drinking my homemade Chai TEA, watching youtube vids, starting on a knitting project for my bosses newborn to be, and of course catching up on my blog!!! The chai tea is yummy yummy! After work my little family will be going to spend the night with the in laws so we can have a lake/bbq day for Memorial Day!! I'm so excited to wear my bikini, because I've been working on this bod for 5 months now! Plus, we get to see how Izzy likes or dislikes boat rides!! I must take a picture of her in her little doggy life jacket we got her! hehe Happy SUNDAY!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 139 - 141 of 365 : Weekend Gone, Work Comes

Sunday, I went to in laws house to accompany hubby as he watched the dogs for the last time. I missed him so much. We made up for it. 

Monday, was a lovely day. Lets just say I took hubby up on his rain check, and he surprised even me! 

In this picture I was feeling African. 

Today, has been good as well. I'm really loving the length I've obtained thus far. You really don't need to do a whole lot to keep hair on your head, and I had to learn that! 

Day 135 - 138 of 365: Just Izzy and I

Wednesday, oh gee. I can't remember what happened that day besides snatch galore at crossfit, and our kitchen sinking leaking. The snatching was not as bad as I thought it would be. I only did 75 lbs though. I will get heavier weight though, it's my goal. Oh, Izzy Bear did get her tubes tide!

Thursday is the day I picked my Izzy bear up. She was so ready to come home. When the lady brought her out to me, she reached for me with those big eyes, like MAMA!!!!! It was so cute. Poor thing!

Friday was yesterday, and it was pretty boring. I got home, ordered some Chinese food, and rented two redbox movies. I only got through Django before I went to sleep around 10 something. I have such an exciting life. I did hear some GREAT news Friday. Hubby got the full time slot out at his unit! So happy about that! I have a money plan in motion now. Down payment on house here we come! I do want to have a little fun now. On memorial day I proposed that we go to the beach. I've been wanting to go for so long. Plus, I've been working hard on my summer body and I have a new swimsuit bottom that fits! My weight now is between 120 - 123, and my measurements are 32, 25, 36 1/2. That is an improvement! My weight use to be 125-127 and my measurements were 32, 27, 37. 

Today aka Saturday I went to see my mom, and sister at the art museum. That time spent was cool then I went to harass my best bud before she had to be at work.  I finally get to see my hubby. He has been gone all week watching his parents dogs. Me and Izzy are waiting for him to get off so he can pick us up. We have missed him very much. Izzy is still recovering from her surgery. Not only did they spay her, but the took her old canines out while she was under the anesthesia. She hasn't been as rambunctious as usual, and to me that is just fine. The older she gets the more she seems to act like me or look like me. Her face is half white, and the other black. It's so weird! It's
like she's half me and the other hubby, plus my arm has a distinct line of a different shade of color.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 134 of 365: Montgomery and Pram


The lovely downtown. Heather and I were walking to subway, which was awesome btw, and I had to take a picture. This picture isn't the best. Actually, my photography skills have been lacking due to my laziness to take my big camera out to capture the action. 

The action I have been catching as of late is Pramface and Misfits. They are English shows on Hulu. Between  those shows and Candy Crush on my phone I'm an addict in need of rehab. I will say the English shows are also playing into my addiction to switch accents. I already had a habit of speaking in a British accent, now it is worse! oh well! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 133 of 365: Monday, Monday

Nothing special has gone on today. Besides the usual crossfit, me sending a mothers day card today (yes, I know I'm a bad daughter) and painting my nails at walmart and the rest at work. Hubby came home to spend some time with me and izzy before he had to go back to dog siting at his parents house. I tell you what, the more time I spend with that man the harder it is to cope while he's gone.  

I feel my allergies taking me over. Izzy is looking at me like I'm a wanker while I'm blowing my nose like a crazy woman. Ill be hitting the bed soon, in the meantime here's my pic of the day! I'm in my pajamas watching the latest Smash on Hulu and admiring my quick nail job. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 128 - 132 of 365: Five Days at the Biscuits

Wednesday I was on instagram, and I came across this post. It's not the full post, but let me break it down. ANTI-PERSPIRANT is the devil, because it does not allow the toxins in our body to leave our body. Over time the toxins just accumulate, which can lead to things such as breast cancer. The lymph nodes in our armpit are connected to our breast as well. So breast cancer could be a fatal factor for accumulated toxins that cannot escape due to anti-perspirant. After reading the whole thing, I've decided to go BACK to using natural deodorant. 


This is another picture of a picture. That lovely chocolaty goodness is a Mexican mocha frappe. I googled how to make it, and I'm in love. 

Work, Work, Work! Making those tips baby!


I can't even remember the last time I weighed this much! I'm pretty stoked about my progress!!!!!!!! 

same day, but I was impressed with myself. 

Sunday aka Today

I know I'm not a mother to a human just yet, but babe was so sweet to do this for me anyway lol...not to mention I got a certificate for an 1 hr massage!!!!!!! I'm spoiled!  THANKS LOVE! 
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms to humans and/or pets!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 124-127: Four Days

CHEESE AND CRACKERS! There’s always something that must go wrong, huh? Last night I had typed up all I was going to say for the past three days I missed doing for my blog, and right as I was finishing up my app closed down, and I lost everything! I was not happy, because it was right at 10 pm when I finished and that is my bed time! Hubby had told me just go to bed and do it tomorrow. Here we go again!

Saturday- Friends and family day was a-go! I met up with my best friend to go with her to her Air Force Reserves family day. Lele, her sister and her mother joined as well. This was the first time I’ve met her mom and sister. They were nice Jamaican folks! Ya man. Also, Saturday was supposed to be the day I received my juicer I saved and worked hard for! The FedEx company is now on my “dislike” list. I waited, waited, and waited all day for them to come. They aren’t supposed to make any more drops after 7 pm, so me and hubby went to run an errand, and their happy asses showed up after we left. I was and still am so pissed.

Sunday was the dreaded grocery shopping day solo dolo. I bought mainly fruits and veggies, and a total of 50 items for $127, which will get us by for 1 ½- 2 weeks. As you can probably tell by the picture the shop of choice was Wally World.

Monday was not one of my all day happy days. Crossfit was good, then work was boring. I got home worked out again with hubby, ate some good homemade Mexican food, watched the awesome show Misfits, and ended the night pretty good with laughs and giggles. I was still disappointed that I could not get my juicer, but today, TODAY I should get it!

Tuesday aka Today is the day I shall get home and my juicer will be awaiting me! I told hubby to not open it and let me do the honors lol…I’m really excited about my dang juicer, if you couldn’t tell already. Sucks that I must work tonight and all the rest of the week, but money is being made and we are on the search for home. Hopefully, not only will I get my juicer, but that I’ll also hear some good news from hubby about the job he applied for via his unit. Now, that would make for an epic day.
As for today’s picture, lately I’ve been into Wet n’ Wild products. I’m still figuring out their lip stains, but the lip gloss is definitely a keeper!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 122-123 of 365: Thursday and Hubby's Birthday

Thursday was a long day! That morning was full of that blinking flashing light, which is the fire alarm! We fled the building the first time, the other times were tests. The blinking lights are also accompanied by a loud noise and a man telling us to leave the building. Secondly, I was suppose to leave the office at 4, but to no avail the court did not have the docket up like they were supposed to! instead the docket went up at 3, and it was completed screwed up; therefore, I had to stay past 4:45 to finish the job. Yay. It's okay though, even if I did not get to leave on time or see Vira like I planned. I got home after doing some small shopping to my hubby and best friend. I did her hair, we watched misfits, laughed, and talked. The night ended well. 

I know this is more than one picture, but today has been fun! The day started off with crossfit, and I kicked butt! The one handed hand stand is one of the accomplishments  I was not able to do that 3 months ago! The WOD of the day as follows: Strength: OH Squat 5 x 5
1 x 15 OH Squat (unbroken)

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes
1) 10 Deadlifts 
10 Push Ups
2) 20 Situps
Guess who kept up, and hung with the RX girls?? ME!!! I love when I see progress! I could fit into some pants that previously was not fitting well!  Ok, enough of me!

 Another reason for the fun day is because it's my hubby's birthday!!! He's 24 today. Twenty four more years wiser! Me and izzy dressed up for him! She had on her hello kitty dress, and well, I had on a lovely outfit not pictured. He enjoyed his gifts, blooming onion, red lobster dinner, money, and full body massage.

Today has been good.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 121 of 365: Chewy Monster

Sooo I failed. Hubby and I tried it out with chewy and because he had not much house training before hand it was difficult. He was a big whining baby and also a loud barker. Him doing that in this apartment was no bueno because the walls are thin! I hated it when I could hear other people's animals whining and barking. Chewy just wasn't a good fit for us. Now it's back to the three amigos! Hubby, I, and Izzy.

The photo of the day is of my huge hair in a banana clip. It's already middle of my back! :-0

Now it's time for bed. It's been a loooonnnggg day and chewy made sure I didn't get much sleep. Goodnight!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 116 -120 of 365: Five Days Gone

Oh dear, I’m trying my best apparently to not blog with my picture every day! I’m going to rush through all the highlights of each day.

FRIDAY 4/26 – I finally got the other red chair from Heather. I had a problem opening her trunk, so I had to google how! I know it’s quite a shame. I also cleaned her car. The picture above is a full trash bag of all the trash she had in just the front of the vehicle. Yea, I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders! I know she has two 6 year old girls, but that is no excuse! Gees, it was and probably still is really, really bad.

SATURDAY 4/27 – Hubby and I were late to cross fit, and he didn’t do so well with the workout. It was setup like a relay race. I had fun and did well, but his drinking for those two and half weeks every night finally caught up to him. It is not a good thing to do that, I told him that, but he doesn’t want to listen to me.

SUNDAY 4/28 – My last day to work at the biscuits for the week! By that time, I was soooo tired! I’ve been working both jobs four out of 5 days. I was in the bed surfing facebook until I really had to get up and came across this! BWHAHAHA…this is not cute! GEE. Apparently this is an old sorriety guy trying to get boogie like he use to back in the day.

MONDAY- 4/29 The big day. We got Chewy, who is another yorkie around 9 months old. Heather gave him to us, because he had no structure with them. He would rip and run the streets, end up in pounds etc. etc. We are in the process of trying to turn his life and health around. He had fleas like crazy when we got him. So  far so good, but once again like Izzy hubby is looked at as the sole “master”. So, if he leaves again for a long period of time, guess who will have hell to deal with? Me. I’m really not happy about this, but he’s the one that is with them 24/7 because I have to go to work every day, and sometimes both jobs at that. What can I expect?

TUESDAY -4/30 When it was almost time to leave work there was a pigeon just chilling on our balcony. It seemed to have trouble flying. Possibly by tomorrow it will be flying free as a bird. No pun intended haha. 
Today I’ve had to research dog training tips. He definitely needs a lot of work, patience, and consistency. He will be a different dog when his old owners come see him at some point in the future. I'm going to make sure of it!   

I know there is a lot of other deep thoughts I could express here on my blog, but I really don't have the time to do that. I'm always running around doing something. Like right now I'm making paleo pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast and finishing this up! So I'm done. Until next time.