Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 116 -120 of 365: Five Days Gone

Oh dear, I’m trying my best apparently to not blog with my picture every day! I’m going to rush through all the highlights of each day.

FRIDAY 4/26 – I finally got the other red chair from Heather. I had a problem opening her trunk, so I had to google how! I know it’s quite a shame. I also cleaned her car. The picture above is a full trash bag of all the trash she had in just the front of the vehicle. Yea, I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders! I know she has two 6 year old girls, but that is no excuse! Gees, it was and probably still is really, really bad.

SATURDAY 4/27 – Hubby and I were late to cross fit, and he didn’t do so well with the workout. It was setup like a relay race. I had fun and did well, but his drinking for those two and half weeks every night finally caught up to him. It is not a good thing to do that, I told him that, but he doesn’t want to listen to me.

SUNDAY 4/28 – My last day to work at the biscuits for the week! By that time, I was soooo tired! I’ve been working both jobs four out of 5 days. I was in the bed surfing facebook until I really had to get up and came across this! BWHAHAHA…this is not cute! GEE. Apparently this is an old sorriety guy trying to get boogie like he use to back in the day.

MONDAY- 4/29 The big day. We got Chewy, who is another yorkie around 9 months old. Heather gave him to us, because he had no structure with them. He would rip and run the streets, end up in pounds etc. etc. We are in the process of trying to turn his life and health around. He had fleas like crazy when we got him. So  far so good, but once again like Izzy hubby is looked at as the sole “master”. So, if he leaves again for a long period of time, guess who will have hell to deal with? Me. I’m really not happy about this, but he’s the one that is with them 24/7 because I have to go to work every day, and sometimes both jobs at that. What can I expect?

TUESDAY -4/30 When it was almost time to leave work there was a pigeon just chilling on our balcony. It seemed to have trouble flying. Possibly by tomorrow it will be flying free as a bird. No pun intended haha. 
Today I’ve had to research dog training tips. He definitely needs a lot of work, patience, and consistency. He will be a different dog when his old owners come see him at some point in the future. I'm going to make sure of it!   

I know there is a lot of other deep thoughts I could express here on my blog, but I really don't have the time to do that. I'm always running around doing something. Like right now I'm making paleo pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast and finishing this up! So I'm done. Until next time. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 115 of 365: Not As Planned

Have you ever had those times where you have planned up how things are going to go in your head and it doesn’t turn out like that at all!? Yup! My brain scenarios don’t ever come to the light of day! I thought hubby would be home when I got there – FAIL. I had no clue as to when he would show. Finally, 8 pm he walks through the door. Scenario 2: jump on him, as he drops everything to a warm long embrace – NOPE. I didn’t jump on him. Scenario 3: long, passionate, married things followed by talking and cuddling till we fell asleep – NOPE. Yea, the married stuff was good, but not what I planned in my head. Soon after, other things had to be done like trying to fix a phone, and me getting my clothes out for work. Not too much talking happened between us. You would think we would be conversing with each other non-stop since we didn’t talk much at all during the weeks he was gone – FAIL. Now, today is Thursday and I have to work both jobs, so a few words, a kiss, and a once clean house was what I left with this morning. I’ll see him around 9 PM, I’ll have to prepare for the next long ass day, most likely pick up shit, and go to bed. Hopefully his phone will get fixed tomorrow, because this non- communication is giving me anxiety and I’m pretty stressed out. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Oh, then I did something wrong at my job, so that wasn’t fun to hear. *sigh I just want to go home, see/talk to my husband, see a brand new red chair I’ve been supposed to have, and play with my dog. :-/ We can’t always have what we want though.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 114 of 365: Waiting, Waiting

Right now, I'm waiting on my hubby to show up...I won't be surprised if i start balling when I see him. I haven't had much contact with him these past 2 and half weeks. I can't stand it! I don't know what's taking so long! I got home a bit before 5! It's going on 8pm. *sigh* I hope he shows up soon. :(

The picture is of my OOTD for work. I look kind of chunky! :0 Gee

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 113 of 365: One More Day

Me and Izzy are holding on! We have one more day till hubby/daddy gets home!! Ugh I miss him.

Today I got home after picking up Hubby a birthday gift and all looked normal until .....I saw izzies butt! OMG she apparently sat in her poop and it was stuck! So gross! That's why she was lying down whining! Lol this crazy dog! I wonder how she's going to act with a second dog in the house. We are planning on babysitting my friends yorkie pup to see how it'll be.

It's only 7:44 pm and I'm tired! I don't think I'll hear from booboo today :(. Goodnight!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 112 of 365: RX Hornball

As every Monday morning starts, crossfit! And this week's crossfit has started out wonderful! I ate paleo pancakes and a slither of sausage. I didn't feel dizzy and I also was hanging with the RX girls!!! I'VE BEEN WANTING THAT ALL MY LIFE!!!! lol...okay not really, but it was a goal of mine to be able to do the RX standards. After class other women came up to me and complimented me on  being able to hang with the RX girls as well as my improving strength! I've come to realize I am in love with weight lifting and crossfit in general! 

At work, I thought of my love the WHOLE time! AHHH it sucks when you want something you can't have because he is not there! Luckily in two days, he's all mine! I'm sure he'll be ready for it. 

Right now izzy bear is knocked out in my lap while i watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I'm about to finish up this baby flower headband I'm making for a customer/acquaintance/ that I know would be a good friend if we ever met in person! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 110 - 111 of 365: 4/20 Cherry

Saturday, oh Saturday brought me joy and trouble with the hubby. My best friends spent the night with me. So Saturday morning was cross fit, where I killed it! I finally accomplished the whole exercise. I have found the issues to my troubles during the week. I am not eating enough before I go workout, it's a no brainer right?! The dizzy spells during heavy lifting is going to be a figment of the past! Gab and Adam are probably sore as ever right now, but they enjoyed being in my workout atmosphere. After the working out, we went thrifting! I found, FINALLY, the bottom of a bathing suit that actually covers my whole butt and a cute big-in-your-face hair bow! I paid $1.75 for those two awesome items. SCORE!

Being how it was 4/20 and me and Adam have never celebrated, we popped that cherry. Oh the things I could say about that, but I'm not. It was awesome, even though I did get in some hot water with the hubby for it. :(

Later that night was dinner and redbox movie with the two love birds pictured above. All in all 4/20 was an epic day.

Today is going to be a hair wash/lazy day. I made my own hair wash with Naptural85's recipe via youtube. I've been wanting to buy hair terrestrial's mud wash, but my bentonite clay mask was doing fine. Because of naptural85 I can make my own using bentonite clay. She didn't use that, but it's the same concept and the clay does the same thing has hers does. I used what I had at home. I'm doing a deep condition right now, so I will be trying out the clay wash for the first time very, very soon! I'll have to document the experience? Maybe.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 109 of 365: Disappointed

I'm so disappointed in myself this is the second workout that I was unable to completely finish within the time frame! I know I probably should have done 105 instead of 125 lbs, but I wanted and needed to push myself. That weight was my limit for the many dead lift reps I had to do. I completed 4 complete rounds out of 5. I was almost at the half way mark on round 5. The workout was 9-6-3 plus lateral burpees equalling to 1 round. Am I being to hard on myself? I feel unaccomplished in other areas such as not finding a schedule now that I have a second job. I need organization in my life or i will crack under pressure! I still have to start on a hat order!!! AHHH!!! When mason gets back ill need to cook! I haven't cooked since he left! He's gotta eat while I'm at work. He's not good at finding things to eat besides can soup and tuna. My anxiety is trying to get me. I need to breath and make a plan.

Now on to getting this docket put out I'm swamped at work (job 1). I am thankful that my boss came to me and told me how appreciative he is of me and how he doesn't want to loose me. That makes me feel good about myself and about what I do here at chapter 13.

Speaking of 13 it's my sisters 13th birthday. Ill have to call her, unfortunately I won't be able to bowl with her unless they do it tomorrow. Oh how time flies when your busy being a workaholic like myself.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 108 of 365: Teary Eyed

I guess I’m just a big old baby. I don’t know how I got through 11 months of no hubby. I guess because we had letters during basic and after he went to AIT he had a cell phone so we texted a lot. This week and the rest of the weeks he has and will be phoneless, bumming a phone off someone every other day. He called me not too long ago, but I was only able to talk to him for 3 minutes before he had to go. Yea I’m crying on the inside and tearing up on the outside. Didn’t even get to tell him much, like how I did last night with tips or my foot in the mouth moments. *sigh* I’m steadily losing weight apparently. I’m down to 121.4, I guess that’s good. I’ll try to stop being sad by 4, so I can be cheerful for these biscuit customers.

On a good note I'm scheduled to work three out of 4 nights at the beer portable which means tips for my juicer! I just need 81 more dollars! I also need to make sure miss France's doesn't try to rob me in the parking lot for my tips when she finds out I get the beer again! That crazy funny old lady!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 107 of 365: It Gets Better

I have some good news that Izzy Bear slept with me, and she did sooo well!!! She's like a new dog lately! Her anxiety has gone down, and she's not as crazy haha...AS crazy! 
I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but I went to crossfit anyway! I did horrible!!!  I didn't even finish all 10 rounds! I haven't been eating well since hubby left. I was extra extra dizzy doing the workouts, and my energy level was down super low! I've got to get it together, I can't afford and don't want to hurt myself with these weights! Instead of going to sleep since I will be gone all day today due to job #2 I walked izzy this morning. Now I need to get ready for work and hide some toys for izzy to find to keep her as occupied as possible! 

All in all today's WOD was MURDER. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 103-106 of 365: Atlanta Trip Hightlights

4/13 – Saturday
Saturday was a marvelous day, because me and Stasi went to the TN aquarium!!! We were like children! Heck we may as well say we are!  Everyone thought we were teenagers and that we were sisters! Negative and negative, but we didn’t mind! I love to be mistaken for younger than I am! Makes me feel youthful! Also, I got some really good photography tips from a lady that was taking pictures of the fish. I was having a hard time capturing fishy moments in the low lighting. She didn’t give me tips randomly! I asked her about her lens [ I really want a new lens], and it went from there! I love how there are still good, helpful people in the world.

4/14 – Sunday
Six year old birthday partyyyyy timeeeee!!!! I was the certified photographer!  I helped a friend out! It was rainy and stinking cold, but Stasi aka “face painter supreme” and I made it through smiling and giggling. Trina (the birthday boy’s mother) has a cool family. They made me feel like I belonged!  Sunday was also the day I had to leave my little booboo! She didn’t want me to leave, but nevertheless, I had to. I missed my izzy bear as well. Unfortunately she is going through some extreme separation anxiety. I can’t wait for my husband to get back. We both miss him a lot, a lot, a lot!!!!

4/15 – Monday
Due to izzy bear’s anxiety she did not want to sleep! She woke up every hour or less barking and acting like she was trying to protect me. I got 4 hours of sleep. I came to work grouchy! I cheered up when I had to go to job #2 so that I could get tips! I made 29.75, and it was a slow night. It’s money to go into my juicer fund! I got hit on a couple of times by customers and co-workers, but it’s the price I pay for looking good and having a good personality I guess hahaha.  Once again, people were asking me if I was even old enough to be pouring them beer as I asked for their I.D.  Ego boosted person over here!!

4/16 – Tuesday aka Today
Thank God, today is only a one job kind of day. I plan on running some errands and going home to my poor dog that needs some exercise! I would like to go home do yoga or workout, but I will be unselfish and keep izzy entertained until I need to sit down and do some work such as edit Trina’s son’s birthday pictures and start on a hat that I’m making for a client! I’m always busy!  While being busy I’ll be waiting for a phone call from husband!  Those calls brighten my day!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 99-102 of 365: Four Days of Madness

Tuesday my babe left for his two and half weeks of Army Stuff! :( so when he's gone I go on a cleaning binge. I went as far as to vacuum out the refrigerator. Not only was I doing all this cleaning to keep busy but for my mother n law who is babysitting my pup while I'm visiting my besty in GA.

Wednesday I did what I never thought I could and that is DEAD LIFT 200 lbs!!!! I was so happy I accomplished that. My other max out weights are 75 for strict press and 165 for back squats! I felt that workout the next day for sure.

Thursday was traveling day to see my bud! When i got to her place she wasnt home yet so I worked out and cleaned her bathroom lol. I'm a slight clean freak Nd she's not! Stasi took me to a place to get my first cider beer. It was yum!

Friday aka today has been good! I went to the mall while Stasi was at work. I saw many clothing options but wasn't able to get much. I really shouldn't have bought what I got but it was too cute and cheap to pass up! Tonight is a free movie and tomorrow is TN AQUARIUM!!! Super stocked! On a slight sad not my babes phone is dead and cannot be revived. I'll be eagerly waiting for his phone call from a strange number. I miss him much! Going to go listen to his voicemail he left me again. *sigh*

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 97 and 98 of 365: Sunset , Callouses, and LHDC

April 7th was a busy Sunday for me. I slept in til about 9 or so and had to be at work soon after. That day was Bark in the Park. I didn't see as many dogs as I would have liked but the ones I did see were so cute! :) too bad I wasn't able to bring my spastic cute dog! After getting home me and hubs went to Ulta so I could get a new brush attachment. I'm preparing for my ATL trip this weekend!!! On our way home I snapped this picture of the sun setting.

Today, was a good WOD:
5 pull-ups
10 CTF push-ups
15 air squats
complete as many rnds in 20 minutes

I completed 15 rnds scaled and hubby completed 11 rnds + 6 push-ups RX

I'm continuing to push myself and so is hubby! He is pushing himself so much it showed on his hands! I have little baby callouses, while he has monster callouses! He said they are still painful! They look painful.

The other two pics are progress pictures of hair and body! :) It pays to be healthy!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 96 of 365: Burger Cart

Today has been so busy it's redonk donk!!!

8 AM: crossfit with Vira and Hubby. Me and Vira kicked tandems ass!

9-11: errands galore and food eating

12-130: Sweet Sleep!

From there I had to get up and dress myself to pick up my car and go to job number two. I'm home with izzy, hubby is out. The picture is at my burger cart with the burger guy in action. It was a very busy night!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 94 and 95 of 365: Biscuits

I've been working both my jobs this week! It's been mad!! Today was worse than yesterday! The first picture is yday and I took a picture of a picture today, and yes I agree with the statement!

Right now I'm sitting on the floor in the kitchen as hubby washes dishes and I wait for the laundry. Yup! I just got off my other job about an hour ago, and im stoll working to some extent at home! I'm tired! Not to mention we got up at 440 AM to go to crossfit! How am I still functioning I really don't know! The Lord knows! Tomorrow will be another long day of errands and working at job #2! Crossfit with Vira and hubby here we come,7:40 Am wake up call right after I finish my mud slide!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 93 of 365: Compensation

So to composite for wanting fried mushrooms me and hubby rode our bikes to Zaxbys to get it! After eating I then proceeded to do Just Dance 2 and Black Eye Peas Experience! Not to mention we had crossfit this morning I'm going to be tired! I have job number 2 everyday until Monday! Lord help me.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 91 and 92 of 365: Monday and Tuesday Hoopla

Monday, was mojito night! Babe made this for me, and it was awesome! I've never had a mojito before, but better late than never!

Yesterday we were able to go grocery shopping, and all we bought was fruit, veggies, and meat. I missed my juicing! I'm back on it! Today's juice was a mix of kale, carrots, ginger, kiwi, apples, and pears.