Monday, January 31, 2011

#31 of 365

January 31st/Knitting by Me

Picture: This is a lovely hat I am knitting. I love this yarn, it's simply gorgeous and made out of corn! So, yes I knit,and according to someone I know I can be a believable Grannie/old person. In a way,that kind of hurts my feelings, but I guess its a joke/telling the truth. I'm just weird.*shrug* 

Next Thought: Last night! PHEW! What a time, I partied and had a good ol time with peeps till 1 am!

Ok I’m lying; it was not a good time. I went to sleep around 10 pm. It took longer to get warm last in bed since boogy was gone, and I think I went through some stupid girl emotions because I shed some tears too.  
Apart of me wanted to be with hubbster last night, but it probably was best I wasn’t there with him and his friends anyway, being how they were talking about the past. Hubby’s past is very much different than mine, so I wouldn’t be able to relate or really talk much about what they did and such. My responses would probably be along the lines of, “Wow! Or y’all really did that?!”  I would definitely be the odd ball in his group, the goody good. Who likes being the odd ball in a group? Not me.  I can play it off, i can try anyway. I have a feeling something is going to happen with my social skills and hubby won't appreciate it. It's happened before. *not happy moments* 

Heck, I don’t even watch the same television programs they watch, so when they get to talking about their favorite episodes, I’m lost. I wait for a moment to interject something plausible to the conversation. Hubby says I should start watching the shows they watch, but I don’t like those shows. So, only time I would watch them is if he had them on the TV and I can’t turn it. There’s a reason why they are his friends, and my acquaintances.

PSH! Anyway…..I didn’t have art class today, so I didn’t have to make two trips to Gumster!Hallelujah! Plus the weather has been pretty icky today. Lots of rain, equaling a chance for my car to hydro plane and I die or worse loose a limb! I rather not!    

Another thought: Lately, people have asked me why hubby doesn't stay with me until he leaves for basic.Truth of the matter, he can't stay with my family. In a way I really would like it, but he wouldn't like it so I'll sacrifice. He says I don't care what he wants so this is me caring

Sunday, January 30, 2011

#30 of 365. Lone Stuff

January 30th/Not Looking So Hot

Well, today was filled with accomplishment for school, and a see-you-later towards my hubby. He left around 6 pm or so, feeling sleepy, but he stopped to see his friend that just got out of prison, and some other friends. I think he's still there with them talking about the olden days. He said they asked him if he were ashamed of them, since he never brings me around. Before marriage, it was hard to ever see his friends, because they hang out late at night, and I would always have to drive home. Now, they either hang during the week, in which I have to work and go to school, and drive a long way, or when I am available they aren't. And then hubby thinks I won't like them anyway, so life just doesn't work out to "hang out" at least not now that I'm older and all. *shrug*

I'm about to go to sleep though, I have a long day tomorrow, and a lot of back and forth traveling to do.  Work, work, work, again for this week.

And to top it off, I have gained back those miserably stupid-ass pounds! UGH! I don't know what happened....I'll be going to the gym tomorrow though. :-(

So, at this very moment, yes I feel a bit lonely, but there's nothing I can do about it. I've been a loner for a long time. Just some days it hits you in the face like BAM, and a tear sheds for a second. *sigh*

Saturday, January 29, 2011

#29 of 365.

January 29th/ Just Me
I love my outfit ^_^ It makes me happy. And I am makeup free! That makes me happy too...I'm growing into myself.

Friday, January 28, 2011

#28 of 365. Deans List

January 28th/Dean's List
YAY! I made the dean's list for the first time in my college career! I feel accomplished! ^_^ I'm shooting for it again this semester ^_^.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

#27 of 365. I Ran from A Crazy Man

January 27th/ Crazy Man Around Town

Picture: So, I took this picture after running away from him. His name is Eddie Cook and he is a local customer of ours at the court house. If you can tell by his clothing, he is what we call a "hot mess" plus physco! The first time I tried to take his picture I thought I was hidden, apparently not! He saw me, and I jetted back up the stairs to my office. I called the receptionist down stairs to see if he was coming up to my office, and sure enough he was. I ran out of the office and into another hiding area. I didn't go back to the office until it was clear.
My coworkers had a good laugh at the pandemonium I caused. This is not the first time Eddie has chased me down. The first time he hollered at me from across the street, I didn't reply, and he made his way towards me. Once again I ran like Forest Gump to a place of safety. Around this man NO one is safe. He's liable to do something, and I don't want to be around when he does it.

Different Subject: This is my first day of no makeup wearing, AGAIN! ^_^ I swear I’m always going from one extreme to the next! But! Hey! That is moi, I can’t help it. And luckily boogy knew what was going on before he said “I do”!  And speaking of the boogies of the world; I read this nice little blog. Do I envy that? Just a little bit….I can’t help but to, it’s in my nature!

But back to the no makeup wearing, one of the complaints that I have about not wearing any is that people think I’m always tired due to my huge dark circles around my eyes. It sucks. *sigh* But those I can’t do anything about. They are unfortunately genetic.

On another topic, boogy picked up our first set of furniture from the bedroom we don’t have yet! Yay! I can’t wait to get our own little place and use it.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#26 of 365. Me

January 26th/Driving 
 I'm coming home from Gomery, after seeing my hubby and skipping a class. In the picture I can't see the bumps that are starting to take root in my face once again, so I'm going to go back to not wearing makeup for awhile. Being how that did help my skin out. I told hubby this and he said, " Otay beautiful". That makes me smile to read that. 
 Sometimes, I just don't feel beautiful or sexy without makeup or eyeshadow on. I guess that is one of the insecurities about myself. I need to learn how to feel beautiful and sexy without the paint.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#25 of 365. Workout

January 25th/Workout

When will it be my breaking point? My point to where I don’t care about what I eat and what I look like? I’m hoping that I will never reach that breaking point! I love the feeling of accomplishment after an intense workout, and I love the fact that I am dropping the one pound a week. And I love that I’m being healthy for a change. If it weren’t for my dear husband and his encouragement to add the fitness pal app to my phone I would still be eating what I wanted and gaining weight, which in return would make me cringe at the sight of my naked body and drown myself esteem.  

Today, for lunch was a vegetarian meal, broccoli, mushrooms, and rice with water. My mother is what I would say a “half” vegetarian. She eats fish as a meat. So when she cooks for her, I’ll get some of what she’s got.

I’ve also realized that, since I’ve been working out regularly, my emotions have been “on point”, well not as of today. But when they are it is more controlled than if I weren’t working out. I’m happy, fine, great, not stressed without my happy pills, FINALLY! Not only is my body inside and out looking good, my emotions are looking good too! And let me tell you, I could be stressed out if I wanted too. I have a full load just about everyday. I can’t slack up on anything, or I will get behind and start to loose my mind. School is the main reason why I would want to be stressed.

So how is April doing? She is doing great!

Subject Change: Monday, was a relief and a change of mind. I met my writing teacher for the first time. She is not that ridiculously difficult teacher that does not want to boost anyone’s confidence on their writing. She’s not the fire-breathing dragon that I was expecting! In actuality she is a perky, witty, honest, sweet elderly person. Her words on the emails may have triggered anger in my spirit, but now that I know who she and what she wants; reading those words on the screen won’t trigger my anger as it did. I finally have a sense of peace with this class, and getting an A won’t be as hard as I thought. But of course it will be a lot of work!

I want to strive for more A’s this semester, and I think I can do it. I KNOW I can do it!  I sound like a control freak/over achiever, but I don’t think I am. I’ll have to ask hubby, he’ll tell me the truth in a heartbeat!   

Subject Change:  I am really tempted to buy myself the remote switch with an extension cord for my camera so I can take better self portraits. It’s not a high priced piece of equipment either….hmm…I’ll ponder this awhile. I know I can’t right now, because I’m low on funds and I can’t find my debit card at the moment. I need to find that by the end of the day or I’m cancelling that sucker. 

I found my debit card, it was in one of my pockets, and now that I'm home from work I feel better than I was at
work. Not only was i feeling sick, but I was a bit down. I'm ok now though. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

#24 of 365. Time

January 24th/Time Gone
I swear today, the time has slipped through my fingers like sand seeping through a hourglass. It is only 9:43 and I am soooo tired. I was even considering not posting today, but that would mean me failing at my commitment to post a picture everyday.  I shan't be a slacker

 The older I get the faster time flies by! I suppose when I didnt have responsiblities and a 9 to five job time moved slow. The days werent set in stone as of what had to take place for the day. But as time flies right by me I'll live to the fullest as best as I can!

Subject Change: I had all these plans of what I was going to accomplish today, like wash and deep condition my hair and take two computer law application quizzes. Nevertheless, those two things did not happen. It will happen this week I assure myself. The most important parts of the day were fulfilled tho. I went to work, went to school twice, watched what I ate, and went to gym and burned over 300 calories. And all the places I had to be at today were graced with my TIMELY presence. I can be late at times when it comes to school, but I've been nipping that nasty scoundrel in the butt! Go MOI.  

Other things happened to today such as:

My coworkers are starting a cursing jar. Whoever curses or says potty words has to put a quarter in the jar. At the end of the year, the money will be collected and we'll go out to eat. Funny thing is I don't ever say things like that at work, if I do, no one can hear me! dinner for me!

I went to art appreciation class and the teacher vocalized that a student came up to her last class period, and basically told on a couple of students: "Ms. Professor, there were some students playing on their phones during your lecture, and I also heard some students making rude comments about your lecture oh dear lovely professor, PLEASE condemn them with your heavy right fist! Give them bad grades oh dear teacher. They should gravel at your mercy oh dear teacher, and you should reward me oh dear teacher for calling and snitching on those scoundrels, called students for you!" 
Umm.....REALLY!!?? Last I checked I was in college, not 3rd grade tattle-tell shit. 

I thought that was funny. Then the teacher also vocalized that she doesn't appreciate people sleeping in her class. Last class period there was a kid sleeping. The funny part is that the teacher did not call this person out in class. The fool who was sleeping called himself out in front of 90 so other people in the class..Please tell me how stupid are you? Why would he do that? Ummm....I have NO clue. Dumbass.

Oh the laughters of life and the dumb people in it. Ok its 10:00pm. 

Goodnight self. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

#23 of 365 day of project

January 23rd/ Little Brother and Sister
Picture: Here is moi and my little siblings on a Sunday after church.


I knitted some more of my hat with yarn made from corn!

Took pictures

Got jealous of those ladies with long natural hair. Wrong? Yes! I know I'll one day be where they are at, but cheese and crackers, it takes forever. Patience patience patience....I'm learning...

Talked to hubby.

Missed him dearly

Briefed half a case, which was a weird one btw.

Bought soymilk and yogurt covered pretzels from Walgreen. OMG I will never do that again. Walgreen's covered pretzels suck! As for the soymilk it may continue to grow  on me.

I read a new blog about a black boy speaking Korean, IDKY but that is cool! I've always wanted to be fluent in Spanish, but never kept it up. Shame....I will most likely be taking it again in college so that I can get the last 4 credits I'll need to graduate! HALLELUJAH!

I clearly did not do a good job of staying within my calorie range or keeping up with it for that matter. Double workout for me this week. That's o.k. I have a goal in mind for my body weight! 

I have a terrible headache, an upset stomach, and ready to pass out.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

#22 of 365.

January 22nd/Breakfast with the Ladies

Shame on me! I almost forgot to post tonight. I got caught up in the yarns of my love, which means knitting. I'm knitting a hat for my cousin as a bet. I don't think she thinks I will send her a package to her home of Buffalo New York! I'll have to post a pic of it done. I love this yarn that I'm using. It has some sentimental value to it as well. I got it from Alaska., and it is made of corn. That is cool. Anyway, as I digress, today was filled with so much.
1. I stirred up some old folks at my winter board meetingby saying marijuana should be legalized and taxed. That was pretty funny. If only I could have taken a picture of the old, republican probate judge!

2. I got a lot of cool goodies and jewelry from the meeting, and I met some awesome ladies! They are great to talk to.  Oh not to mention I received a first time members award, and 20 dollars in AALS cash. I wonder what that will get me. I know the $5 gift card to Target will get me something nice. ^_^

3. I received my A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. I will start reading that during church tomorrow.

4. I didn't care about school work, which is due tomorrow

5. I came home to having to clean up and change my sheets because my parents friends thought they were staying in my room for the night. HA! Thank God those plans changed. At least I have new sheets on my bed.

6. I missed hubby like crazy, in more than one way *wink, wink*

7. And now I'm going to sleep. I'm sure I'll talk in my sleep again. That really is a habit I need to break. What if I'm sleeping with hubby and I say something I shouldn't say! EH! I see myself getting into trouble for some reason.

Friday, January 21, 2011

#21 of 365. Another Day

January 21st/ Happy Days

Today has been just lovely!

I got off work at 12

Got my oil changed for only 30 bucks! I'm not use to such cheapness! ^_^

I caught up with an old friend, Tyler. He always makes me laugh, because he's crazy.

Talked to husband about spiritual matters, and didn't get mad during the conversation. (improvement success) 

I got to atmore, talked to some older ladies, and had lovely conversations. One in particular was about birthing children....scariness!

I stuffed myself at the seafood buffet, then worked it off for over an hour

Stuffed my purse with fortune cookies ^_^ 

Took a lovely shower

Now meandering

Good day. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#20 of 365. My Day

January 20th/My Addiction

Picture: To simply put it, I'm addicted to my driod. I was once going to downgrade, but this thing is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I can't get rid of it. The internet at my fingertips is wooonnndddeerrrful! And I'm able to reply to emails asap and also see the important emails asap.  I say it's a curse because, my hubby doesn't like when i stay on it too much.

About the Day: There is not a lot to talk about today, but let me go through my day in a nut shell.

got up at 630

yelled at my little sister, because she was not dressed for school

got to work way early and started working on school work

did my job until lunch, took my lunch break

worked out for 35 minutes on my lunch break. I burned a total of 259 calories WHOOHOO

went back to work

did some more school work in between job work

got off at 430

went straight to the gumpster

ate at smoothy king (gladiator) and panera bread (1/2 of three cheese chicken Caesar sandwich).

forgot to use my panera card, which I should have because I couldve gotten more free things.

i wasted money on that meal and ate over 500 calories. Its ok though I still didn't go over my 1200 calorie intake.

went to school

talked to Tania for a bit! Haven't seen her in a long time. She's still dating her dude (3yrs).

I told her marriage life is great

went to class

talked to christiana

bashed that blasted writing teacher

did some homework

walked past a classroom having church

i listened to the preacher for a little bit in the bathroom


blogging at school

going to finish that last computer law application question

going home to take a pic of the day

doing some more school work...maybe

cleaning room

packing for my NALS Winter Board Meeting

putting my hair in a braid-knot-out 

Saying my prayers

going to bed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#19 of 365. Writing is NOT a go

January 19th/Darkness

This picture was taken outside of the gym that I worked out in today.

I got a good workout in, and went out side to brisk air to see the moon shining bright.

I went to class. Later, checked my email afterward to see a rude awakening from my writing teacher...really puts a damper on my spirits. She even started a new folder on the online class showing the "superior papers" that she graded as As, which was only one from a foreigner might I add. This makes me feel really non-superior. *sigh* I'll try to take her harsh criticisms and learn from my mistakes on previous work. There is nothing else I can do, besides weep for just a moment.

I'm starting to feel very overwhelmed at the amount of work I have.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#18 of 365. Looking at the Bright Side

January 18th/Broken Light Fixture Replacement

Picture of the day: I got back from being with hubby this weekend, and I come home to my main light fixture completely broken! I swear every time I leave my room and come back something is broken. This time it was the light fixture per my baby cousin. So now I am stuck with doing work with a this lamp looming over me.
One Topic: My last post wasn’t very sultry in sound. Kind of makes me feel bad, because hubby thought the day was great. I have a feeling, that me being off my “happy pills” has let my brain go back to its old habits of altering the chemicals in my brain again, which I hate. My emotions become so unstable and I can’t control myself. I can’t control why I become so depressed-like when REALLY there is nothing wrong. Yea, my husband may not live with me, but we are living apart for a good reason, and of course, I know it won’t always be that way. Only, just for now. The things I know are not adding up with my emotions, and in return I make myself miserable when I don’t have to. So, come soon, I will be getting my prescription refilled.
Topic Change: I read a random blog today. She seems very in tune with the things of the Lord, and she talked about how some things in her life are not always the happiest, but through that God has a plan, and in the end things always worked out for her. Not only that, but she also has a good friend, that she says was a blessing from the Lord.
For some reason, reading the bits and pieces of her blog made me smile inside. Usually, those types of post make me run away. I suppose because I feel like I’m not living up to the “standard” but really it just made me happy because I know that with everything in my life the “end” has always turned out just right. And the blog just reminded me of this fact.
Yesterday, when I told hubby that I was feeling depressed about not living together, he told me to look at the bright side of the situation. I have a hard time doing that, but thank God for my husband, because he can always look at the bright side when I fail. He blesses me with his words, even if at the moment I don’t consider them blessings, in the end it works out. Those words are the very words that boost my spirits.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Month Married

One Month Married

It is our ONE MONTH has a married couple. We went to Ruby Tuesday. ^_^

 I am sad to report that school has put a damper on my mind as well as that monthly girl shit....Not good when I would like some loving*Sigh*  Not to mention I will not see hubby anymore this week. So this one month anniversary wasn't the best.

Next month?

#17 of 365

January 17th/ Water

Water. It is apart of my quest to be the healthiest I can be and to also loose some pounds along the way. I am disappointed tho. The hubby, mother n law, and I went to Ruby Tuesday and I got home to plug in what I had and realized that the Ruby Relaxer along with 1/4th cup of ranch, and 1 1/2 cheese biscuits got me! I ate over 900 calories in that one meal. Shame....I'll know next time, blasted Ruby Tuesday with your yummy delights! I hate you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#16 of 365

January 16th/credits to hubby
Picture: I shall confess. I tend to harass my hubby about keeping his room messy, and I'm the main one to mess up a room in a second with all my stuff! oops.....He took this picture, catching me in the act! This is something else in my life that needs to be corrected....*sigh* :(

I can be messy all by myself,,,

I walked/jogged for 45 minutes today....

I prayed for awhile in bed....

In some ways I missed church....

I burned two discs today....Mike Posner is my other lover....

I feel accomplished.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lover Not Happy?

Lover not Happy?

Today, I was not the best wife first I have been pmsing horridly. I have ran out of my happy pills, OH NO! Also, due to not washing my dishes after use hubby was not pleased. That is one my hubby's pet peeves. I pushed his buttons, but as one can tell from the picture, through his disgust he still kissed me! haha...I love this picture.♥

#15 of 365

January 15th/Model Behavior

Picture: Peaceful moments

Different Topic: As of lately, my dear hubby has been counting calories like a mad cow! He even secretly counted my calories for the day for me. It was a whopping scary number of about 1600 calories, and I didn't even eat dinner. I hang my head in shame at the rate of obesity I am headed down. I've gained a few pounds, and unfortunately those pounds are headed to my stomach. That is problem area in majority of my family members on my mother's side. I dare get fat, I don't know what I will do.
Taking a shower tonight, I realized that this is my body, and it's the only one I will have. I must beware of what I do to it. I don't want to carry around an over-weighted body. My husband does not want to see that flopping around in bed! AH the horror! Tomorrow, is a new day, and that day will bring with it acknowledgment and respect for my body. I'll listen to my dear husband, that only wants the best for me, and eat the things that will only help me, not hurt me. Exercise will become regular as well. I must start somewhere, and that is starting tomorrow.

Different Topic:  I ordered an seemingly interesting book, in which was recommend by apricot tea . The name is called A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. Excitement fills my veins as I wait for this book in the mail. I will spill the beans about what it is entirely about soon. ^_^

Friday, January 14, 2011

#14 of 365

January 14th/Snowflakes on my Window
today was payday! 

this morning was cold, hence the picture of the day

lunch was recording myself play the piano

later, i saw an old black man attack a middle-aged white man....over who hit who at a stop sign. That sight was quite uproarious.

dinner I got waxed, which hurt like hell.

I took a bubble bath, then a semi warm shower

touched my husband ;-)

laughed while buzzed 

and waiting for dessert ;-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


January 13th

2 friend's convo I want to keep.....they both happened today. One in the morning, the other at night..

Me: Awe, well maybe this is the ONE ooo I wish the best for you! (talking about her boyfriend)

Michelle: Thank you girl! I want to be like you!

This small conversation was inspiring to me. Her saying that really makes me feel like I impacted her life in a good way, not many people tell me I do that for them, So it is wonderful when it is heard.

I also had another friend, Christina, email me today, and she told me things i've never known about her and she took thetime to tell me that I was a good friend of hers.

Christina: I am glad I have you as my friend. I lost a lot over the past several years and Its nice to say you have one. I know we have been there for each other since 2007 (school related) but I will be here always if you need someone to talk to.

That means a lot to me, to hear from both these beautiful ladies. :-)


#13 of 365. Over-Exaggerate Much?

January 13th/ me

Starting Tuesday my hubby went back home to Titus, I forgot to take my Zyrtec, and now I’m as sick as a dog. I’m at my work station with a whole roll of toilet paper and a big jug of water. I’ve been depriving myself of water, and now that I’m actually swigging it down. My body feels like a dry plant that has just tasted the suckling, drips of rain water. AHH! So refreshing! My poor nose has been on a roller coater with tissue, so now the skin below my nostrils are so dried and crusted over. That sight is pretty disgusting to even behold. I pray to be better soon; I have too much to do to be sick. L  Thankfully, snuggle buddy will be holding my hurting body soon, as in tomorrow!
As I digress, I was sitting in the lunch hall of my school eating some yummy Carmel flavored chex mix, and my eyes beheld a group of people. One of the individuals there was what I would call a fanatical god-person. He seems “normal”, as in the guy that plays the sports at school, the seemingly popular type, yet on facebook he is oddly over-exaggerated, about his Christian beliefs. Every post is something of that nature, and it gets old very fast. To be honest it does not always have to be about Christian type things that can be over-exaggerated. For example, there is a girl on my facebook, that is in love with her boyfriend. Every post it is I love him, I miss him, I love him, I miss him, ya ya ya…SO Annoying! Why? Because it is fanatical, I can not stand it.
Here’s my point, just because you like water does not mean you should drink, breath, and only be about water. There is a thing called, moderation. There is a place and a time for all things. I don’t mind a Christian talk here or there, but all the time is too much, it scares me, and it may scare others. It could scare them away to the point where they don’t want to have anything to do with your beliefs. I can speak from experience.
Also there is this facebook group called something about “change the world” or something like that. It is what I would call a group of over-exaggerated people that kind of scare me. I ignored it, and they tried again. Right now I do believe they are still just sitting there in my “add people” box. If they aren’t I deleted the request again.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a Christian hater, I do believe and put my trust in Jesus, but I do not go over board with it. Not as much as I use to. I live and I learn.
And, I think I may finally be coming to place of my own.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#12 of 365

January 12th/Books equal Knowledge

These books (ART AND JUVENILE JUSTICE BOOK) that I took a picture of in the school bathroom stall represent the school-work I'll be doing this month till May. God be with me...i notice that i tend to take plenty of pictures in a bathroom haha.

Hubby Sweet Sayings #2

December 17,2010 the day we got married

Me: It's going okie dokie besides my nose dripping. I'm ready to go tho, so I can get stuff done outside of work.

Hubby: I miss you.

One may think that those three words shouldn't even be considered a “sweet saying”, but that does not matter. The one and only thing that is important is what my mind and my heart conjure up as sweet. I love the fact that the words appeared out of the blue, just as rain on a sunny day, the pure queer randomness is impeccable to behold. I love it, and we are simply in love with each other.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#11 of 365. Henna

January 11th/Natural Hair Dye

I mixed these two henna boxes up today. The pasty, textured green antidote will be applied to my hair tomorrow after work! Unfortunately, class is in session and my classmates will have to possibly smell the slight stench of herbs on my head, because the henna must stay on for a couple of hours. Oh the joy of non-chemical dye smell! From what research I have pulled recently, the henna will give my hair a slight reddish undertone as well as strengthen my hair. Remember, I am working on thickening my hair. So with the protein treatment from Afogee and this Henna Gloss Treatment, I should be well on my way! And to be honest, I already feel a difference in my roots, at least I think so!

*Crosses fingers*

What I Mixed Into The Henna:
1. two boxes of the above
2. two cups of hot water diluted with apple-cider vinger
3. one-fourth cup of melted coconut oil

January 11th Hair and Eyeshadow

Love my eyeshadow today

So todays hair style, well more like this weeks hair style is my hair in two strand twists and then pinned up so that its in a double protected style.
  love how I can just get up in the mornings and not do a thing to my hair!

I was reminiscing yesterday at how I use to wear pretty I thought I would go back to that and did my eyeshawdow this morning for work I love it. I used pink, gold-like color, and dark blue for the crease.

Monday, January 10, 2011

# 10 of 365. Freezing Rain. Food Inc.

January 10th/Hubby Time

Today in Alabama, the skies opened up and sleet and freezing rain drizzled down so that the roads are now closed, and my husband and I are stuck in the house lounging around. His warmth on my body is the best.

I promised him a massage so after the picture, massaging hubby was a go.

Though I rather be snuggled up in my warm bed with him watching cartoon movies, such as Ant Bully, wasting the day away, I started school today. School was still prevalent even thought the classes were canceled. Unfortunately technology wins, because online classes are still running their course.

In my Business and Professional Writing class, the teacher wasted no time in teaching us the ways of enhancing our language and writing abilities. Though all the small technicalities she requires seem a bit tedious, I know that when I walk away from this class I will be well prepared to write my thoughts on paper in order to personify what needs to be told in the legal field in which I am embarking and even here on my blog!

This semester is going to be very busy with six classes, that are also very demanding, Right now forty hours is what my job requires of me, but soon twenty hours will be the deal. I will be over worked otherwise, and I will.


As I digress, I am now watching Food Inc.  I completely understand why some individuals choose to be vegan. It is a shame at how our country runs our food industry. The way the animals are treated are horrendous! Yet, we as a nation eat the antibiotic filled chickens, and the torchered cattle and pigs. Makes me rethink my eating habits. Not to mention ecoli is ramped. So what will I do? I don't know right now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

#9 of 365. Peace

January 9th/ Peace 

Peace and good blessings for Sunday.....even if there is going to be ice on the roads! The ice on the roads only means my hubby stays here with me and I with him. No school, no work, no driving...just cuddling....peace ^_^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

#8 of 365. Shirley

January 8th/ Good Deed Pasture  

It was such a glorious day today. I spent a lovely time lounging around my room watching netflix with the hubby along with detangling and dusting the ends of my hair, such a tedious task! I saw some crucial looking knots and split ends. I only have myself to blame for that atrociousness. I haven't been sleeping with my bonnet....shame on moi. I must stick to a strict regime in order to keep the split ends and knots at bay.

After we realized that our stomachs were having a conversation with us, we decided to shut it up by scooting our way to subway for some yummy foot-longs. As soon as we were satisfied we made our way to the good deed of the day, which was to pay Shirley Marie a visit to help her set up her new printer/scanner and Wii she received for Christmas from the Terry Family. The poor lady is very sweet and oh so grateful for us to help her, but she is in some ways friendless, and she lives alone with her pet pup, Cricket. Even poor Cricket is delighted to see our faces, as his bad "dog order" creeps into our nostrils.  When we leave, I see the yearning in her eyes to bid us stay as long as possible to keep her company, but of course we can't stay. Even though her eyes fill with a bit of sadness as we part, we know that when we visit her again she will be a bubble of joy once again and the cloud that seems to linger will disappear for just a moment more.


January 8th/Man or Woman?

This was the most intriguing, interesting night out I've had in, lets say, FOREVER! I can't say that I completely understand the physique of these men turn woman. I must say I was flashed a couple of times by one of the "drag queens". Apparently she just got her breast pumped up to a 34 double D or something like that..
Double Ds
I think I may have seen some balls tucked as well during the performance. Who knows! Club 322, in which now I am a member is full of interesting individuals. The nipples looked a bit strange to me though. I could not help but to stare at these woman dancing their routines as they mouthed the lyrics to their favorite pop song. Let me tell you they out-danced, out dressed, and even out flashed the rest of us mere plain-Jane dressed individuals taking pictures of them.  

#7 of 365. The Circle

January 7th/Circle of Friends
These are my dear friends. Well, I'll break it down somewhat,the the two girls, and the white boy that is not my husband have been my friends for about nine years now. Unlike some friend-relationships I didn't hang out with them every-weekend or see them everyday, yet we are still pretty dam close! They saw each other everyday though, they all went to school together. I, on the other hand saw them maybe once a week, 2x a week if I was lucky. Even though our friendship was long distance, and even today it is, we still kick it like nobodies business. When we get together we act a pure fool, and we have fun doing it. We catch up on what's new and what was old.

Yesterday, I was suppose to post this before today, because this is my picture of the day for my 365 project. I didn't get home in time to do this because I got see and spend some time with the "circle". What we did though, that's for another post.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

#6 of 365

January 6th/My Mother's Paints
I do not paint. Sometimes I wish I could draw, paint, do back flips and all that jazz....But I can't, what I can do is play the piano for you, sing you a song, take a picture of you, or blog about you if you would like. I paint through words I see beauty through photos. Though I am not the best or creative at all these talents, they are simple things that make me, me.

I'm Looking at Her

a down day 

It’s really funny how you can know someone for a long time, and still find out different things about them, that you never knew! Humans are so complex and sometimes deceiving. On the outward appearance people can look so put together, but on the inside a raging mess!    
My friend brought up a great point on her blog about herself in which I can relate to as well, competing. I find myself trying to compete with others on any or everything! It’s not like I even contemplate in my head anything about it, I guess because I’ve done it for so long it’s become second nature. I can find myself getting jealous at a coworker for getting rewarded through “thanks, you’re so smart for thinking of that, or we don’t ever want you to leave” type compliments. So in return, I think of ways in which I can do better than her. That type of competition I do not think is wrong. After all it is a job, and I want to be the best in order to work up the totem pole in my career that I’m trying to start.
But what I think needs to be reevaluated are the times that I look at a girl’s hair, skin, or clothes and get envious of her and in some ways want to compete against her looks! I swear I look at more girls than I do guys, you would think I was a lesbian haha. Plus I’m married now; I can’t look at men anyway. As I get back on topic,  I need to be comfortable in my own skin, find my own sense of style, and continue to take care of my hair so that it can be that long, flowing, and curly hair that I’ve been dreaming of.   
So, is looking at “out fits of the day” or eye-shadow ideas on YouTube wrong? I think not! I get ideas from them, and it’s usually not exactly how they had it anyway. The ideas are usually cute; I can’t help but try it out for myself sometimes. You can’t blame me there, right?

# 5 of 365

*Unfortunately I was not able to post last night due to technical malfunctions via It was going hay-wire. So the picture from yesterday is conjoined with today’s post.*
January 5th/Apart of Alabama
 So, I was coming from stuffing my tummy with the greasy and “oh so” unhealthy delights of Captain Ds. It was nearing the time for me to snap a picture for my project. All yesterday the skies sprinkled a mist over my small town in Alabama and kept the streets fogged for miles. It reminded me of a scene from a scary movie. I had to capture one of the streets, and this is what my camera recorded.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hubby Sweet Sayings #1

one of many looks he gives

Me: I’m the ruiner of all things babe

Hubby: No you’re not. You’re the creator of all my happiness

Hair Style For This Week

I got this hairstyle idea from another blog.I think it's fantastic! My next style I'll try is this one.
This year, I definitely want to keep retaining length, and minimize on single strand knots that I get! Last year, I had single strand knots by the truck load! I had to cut about an inch off my ends. I was happy to record that I grew 6 inches of hair in a year. So I want to continue that for this coming year. I’m praying for 12 inches or more by the end of this year and considerably less single strand knots.
I researched diligently, for awhile on how to minimize those nasty little monsters called knots. And, what I’ve come up with is to use my huetiful steamer once a week, detangle with my fingers, and keep my hair stretched by twisting or braiding it at night. If I use a comb, I must be very gentle and start from bottom up.
I’m trying to get use to this finger combing technique to detangle. If it didn’t take for ever to do my whole head I wouldn’t resort quickly to a conventional comb. I’m a busy person! Especially when school starts Monday, hair will be the last thing on my mind.
Its funny how, since deciding to go natural September 9, 2009, I’ve been obsessed with growing my hair and taking care of it. When I was relaxed, I wasn’t as thoughtful about my hairs growing on the top of my head. I was always told that I had long hair, even though in my eyes it wasn’t or how thick it was, but not really for me.  
As far as thickening my hair goes, I haven’t done too much research on it, but I do believe that since being natural I haven’t been as gentle with my hair as I should. So I’ll be more gentle and not pull my hair with a comb while completely wet. Wet hair equals easily broken hair. EH! So operation, keep more hairs on my head is a go!
Also for 2011, I want to continue doing protective styles, and record the ones I do on here. I’ll do a protective style and then forget how I did it or that I even did the style in the first place. So this blog will also by my hair diary. 
The only challenge is to keep this up, I am a starter and sometimes not a finisher! Finishing projects will be my goal for this year, I think I’ll be able to conquer it! I have will-power!