February 22nd/ New Protective Style 

So today has been ok. I’m back at home doing the things I do on a daily basis school, work, clean, school, and work. I have a lot of crap to catch up on concerning school. I’m going to knock it out though. I was up to midnight last night getting stuff done. I’m motivated to get it done.

This weekend hubby is suppose to come down. Being how I wasn’t at the church to play last weekend I feel obligated to be there this time. I wouldn’t mind visiting another church this coming weekend at the lake cabin, if it wasn’t for my obligation. Also, I don’t know if Mason would actually get up and go with me if we weren’t at my house. Depending on how school work goes, I may be at the house solo.

But, I’m not going to think about that right now. I got my wig today! Yay! Also, I straightened my hair this past weekend and I am so shocked at its length.

 I have been doing great at maintaining length, decreasing single strand knots, as well as thickening my hair. This time I straightened it wasn’t as limp and thin as it was before.
I have also learned that to help keep the single strand knots at bay, I have to wash my hair in sections or twists as well as keep my hair stretched like 90% of the time.