Thursday, March 10, 2011

#68 and 69 of 365. Tired These Days

# 69
Thursday, March 10th/ Photoshop 
*I could have written this better, but I'm too lazy to care* 

Today, has been pretty good. I can't complain. I will say that I photoshoped this picture. The best part was that I got rid of the wrinkles under my eyes! It's sad that I have wrinkles and I'm only 22. Twenty-two and looking horrible. That is a shame! My hubby looks better than me most days! That's another shame. 

Being how I have decided to go back to 20 hrs with my job, I think I will be able to get my body back into shape. So when hubby gets back from basic he'll have a wife that is in shape, and hair to or almost to her boobies when straightened. I'm pretty excited about the future. 

Thank God it is almost Friday! 

So much has happened since my last post. My last post was pretty dreary. My relationship with hubby is good, we're great. We talked about religous stuff one of these days this week, and I had him look at some videos. One in particular, I thought fit him so well. The guy reminded me of hubbie's spirituality.  We haven't talked about what he thought about the videos yet, I'm kind of nervous as to what he has to say about them if anything at all. Deep down, I'm hoping for some good/pleasing conversation from it. 

# 68 

Wednesday, March 9th/ School Parking Lot
I took this right before I got into my car to go home after school. I had worked hard to finish up an online class in which I did. As well as acing a Art Appreciation test. While taking the test, the teacher caught a dummy cheating. She was so mad. I don't blame her, because she makes the test so easy, that no one should have to cheat. 

Also, I do remember that on this day, I had to deal with a teacher being unnecessarily sassy towards me via email. I have lately been sick and tired of women just coming at me in any type of way. In most cases, the way they come at me is rude, trifling,  and disrespectful. When I received the email, I had, had it. Therefore, I  told my teacher to not sound or be the way she was towards me plus some other things. My hubby read what I told her, and he said I sounded very hostile, even though I said fewer words. At the end of my message I told her to have a lovely day! 
Hummph, anyway, I am learning that I may just be asexual minus my husband. Woman as of lately have been getting on my last nerves! maybe if I didn't work with just woman on daily basis I would be okay, but on the other hand, men slightly scare me. I don't trust them not one bit, and I don't get too close anymore. Woman are backstabbing and men, well, they can hurt me if they want to physically. 
I am learning how to deal with the madness when it comes to the same sex. 

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