Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 47 and 48 of 365: Lake House Syndrome

Day 47 was Saturday. After hubby worked hard redoing part of the side of the cabin his mom took us to Oscars. I have never been there, but that place is the epitome of a bad diet! FRIED FRIED FRIED! My arteries are probably still on their way to being clogged!

Good Lord was Saturday rough for my allergies. I can't help how my body reacts. I tried to stick it out and stay till Monday, but to no avail I could not make it! I was snotty, sneezy, coughy, eyes itchy, and just ill! I knew it was the house, because when I would get out of the cabin I could breath!

When we got back from the fried food fiasco I drank just about a whole bottle of wine, and couldn't stay up very long after that. I felt like I was dying! So I had to make the decision.

Day 48 is today! The decision was to go home! The dog was not letting us sleep in, and hubby said he was fighting for his spot in the bed all night. I thought I would cut him some slack, and to just go home. He wanted to keep Izzy, so I'm sitting here solo. I'm fine being here alone, but I must say it's much more fun with my hubby and puppy here. If it wasn't for my allergies, I would still be there with them. My body just wasn't having it!
To keep myself busy, I cleaned up a little bit, went to the store to find my mom a birthday gift, as well as ran some other errands, and did my hair!

1. detangled hair with rosemary tea water, GPD conditioner, and olive oil
2. let that stay in hair for awhile
3. washed hair with my clay/ACV mask (pictured below)
4. conditioned with treseme split remedy and rinsed out with cold water
5. twisted into 8 twists with homemade coconut oil mix

Tomorrow I"m going to try my hand at a roller set. I hope it turns out like I want! EH! *fingers crossed*

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