Thursday, March 17, 2011

the end

So I have officially demolished my 360 day project. I've skipped days and have not kept up with my duties. All the hussel and bussal of life has taken over! I will continue to post though.

I've gotten new hair products from Oyan Handmade and Im keeping track of how it does.
I plan on not buying anymore hair products until the ones I have are gone. Plus since I started my 20 hrs at work I don't have the same income supplying all my addictions. Speaking of hair though, my hair is noticeably coming back to its thickness. I will never dye my hair again! It totally ruined my hair. Ill have to write down what I've been doing to help my poor hair follicles out.

Hubby is leaving the 28th which is only 11 days away!!! Im going to miss him so much. Hopefully when he comes back his wife will still be a vegetarian as well as slim and mentally sane. I've been off my celexa for a while now. Hubby says I've been doing great without those little pills. Im happy, glad, ecstatic about a lot of things in my life. Times do get frustrating with work and school, but through that all is good.

In fact this Saint Patrick weekend will be spent with hubby in a grand hotel located in Atlanta Ga. I've never been to the aquarium or the Coke Factory tour there. We plan on dabbling into other ventures as well. Im in other words "ssooo stoked!"

I may try to post a picture of what im looking like these days...mainly my hair. Im using my phone to do this at the moment so posting anything other than words is a negative.

But I'm going to end on a positive. Life is Good ^_^
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