Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Orange Blossom....MMM Really Tasty!

 As I sit here in Starbucks smelling the beautiful aroma of the fresh brewed coffee beans, sipping my own venti iced white chocolate mocha, and see the the white glistening snow staring back at me through the window; I write my dearest thoughts.......HA! ok so maybe I'm fibbing! As cool as that sounds to sit in a starbucks with the latest technology and sip on some iced white chocolate, that's not happening at the moment, and there is definitely no snow on the ground in Alabama.

Office Topic:It's funny how I hate hot coffee, but throw some ice on that bad boy and I'll drink it up like a baby sucking a tit dry! 

On Topic:
Anyway, there’s so much I could say. First, this is going to be my diary….Diary, that is such a weird word, but essentially this is what it is. Perhaps the corner office of my mind. My sporadic mind! Ive been told I think too much! This is true, in my head I go from one extreme to the next, and un-strangely enough it is personified into my life. I want to minimize how much that happens though. It really is not good for the soul. I've seen it happen to others! For example, Mrs or Miss Pelfrey, my teacher for legal writing, alternative dispute resolutions, and legal research. That woman can go from talking about one topic to switching it up in a minute to anther topic, only to find herself not being able to go back to the first topic she was talking about that we, as a class, needed to hear and understand completely in the first place! She is my example of what not to be! Awweee….what not to be! There are so many of what not to do, so many “no’s” in this life. POOH!  Ha! See what I mean, here, there, and everywhere, but hell this is my blog. I'll say what I want in whatever order I want! 

This is my place on the inter-wave where I can express my day, how I feel, and how I look.

MMM: I wonder why at times, it is very easy for me to communicate my deepest thoughts on
“paper” rather than to others. Especially to my best friend, my husband. But that is another topic for another day!
This is the first of I hope many other posts, even if I am or will be talking to myself. It’s like another form of youtube, just I won’t be watching myself over again, I’ll be reading what I write over again.And when I read what I've written I hope to see someone who has LIVED, someone who is HAPPY, and at PEACE.
Maybe my children will see this one day. I think that will be very cool. My swirly babies….hehe….