Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 142-146 of 365: Memorial Week

Wednesday me and hubs were just having a chill day after work hours. I really don't remember the details of that day. 

Thursday, I couldn't help but show of my abs poking through. From Janurary to til now there is a huge difference! Not only have I gone from 127 to 122 or 120 on good days. I've lost inches!!! I'm super proud of myself and I'm still in love with crossfit. 

Friday, I was on a mission to be more active at my sit-down job. I parked on the 4th floor instead of 3rd, and parked far far away from the exit to go down the stairs. I even jogged to the building, and did high knees to and from the copier at work. hahaha. Yes, I know, doing the most!

Saturday, I had to go to job number two! I had to love on my Izzy Bear before hand! She's is too STINKING CUTE!!! 

Today is my last day to work at the Biscuits for this week! But before hand, I'm reading the TIMES and drinking my homemade Chai TEA, watching youtube vids, starting on a knitting project for my bosses newborn to be, and of course catching up on my blog!!! The chai tea is yummy yummy! After work my little family will be going to spend the night with the in laws so we can have a lake/bbq day for Memorial Day!! I'm so excited to wear my bikini, because I've been working on this bod for 5 months now! Plus, we get to see how Izzy likes or dislikes boat rides!! I must take a picture of her in her little doggy life jacket we got her! hehe Happy SUNDAY!! 

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