Thursday, January 13, 2011


January 13th

2 friend's convo I want to keep.....they both happened today. One in the morning, the other at night..

Me: Awe, well maybe this is the ONE ooo I wish the best for you! (talking about her boyfriend)

Michelle: Thank you girl! I want to be like you!

This small conversation was inspiring to me. Her saying that really makes me feel like I impacted her life in a good way, not many people tell me I do that for them, So it is wonderful when it is heard.

I also had another friend, Christina, email me today, and she told me things i've never known about her and she took thetime to tell me that I was a good friend of hers.

Christina: I am glad I have you as my friend. I lost a lot over the past several years and Its nice to say you have one. I know we have been there for each other since 2007 (school related) but I will be here always if you need someone to talk to.

That means a lot to me, to hear from both these beautiful ladies. :-)


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