Monday, January 24, 2011

#24 of 365. Time

January 24th/Time Gone
I swear today, the time has slipped through my fingers like sand seeping through a hourglass. It is only 9:43 and I am soooo tired. I was even considering not posting today, but that would mean me failing at my commitment to post a picture everyday.  I shan't be a slacker

 The older I get the faster time flies by! I suppose when I didnt have responsiblities and a 9 to five job time moved slow. The days werent set in stone as of what had to take place for the day. But as time flies right by me I'll live to the fullest as best as I can!

Subject Change: I had all these plans of what I was going to accomplish today, like wash and deep condition my hair and take two computer law application quizzes. Nevertheless, those two things did not happen. It will happen this week I assure myself. The most important parts of the day were fulfilled tho. I went to work, went to school twice, watched what I ate, and went to gym and burned over 300 calories. And all the places I had to be at today were graced with my TIMELY presence. I can be late at times when it comes to school, but I've been nipping that nasty scoundrel in the butt! Go MOI.  

Other things happened to today such as:

My coworkers are starting a cursing jar. Whoever curses or says potty words has to put a quarter in the jar. At the end of the year, the money will be collected and we'll go out to eat. Funny thing is I don't ever say things like that at work, if I do, no one can hear me! dinner for me!

I went to art appreciation class and the teacher vocalized that a student came up to her last class period, and basically told on a couple of students: "Ms. Professor, there were some students playing on their phones during your lecture, and I also heard some students making rude comments about your lecture oh dear lovely professor, PLEASE condemn them with your heavy right fist! Give them bad grades oh dear teacher. They should gravel at your mercy oh dear teacher, and you should reward me oh dear teacher for calling and snitching on those scoundrels, called students for you!" 
Umm.....REALLY!!?? Last I checked I was in college, not 3rd grade tattle-tell shit. 

I thought that was funny. Then the teacher also vocalized that she doesn't appreciate people sleeping in her class. Last class period there was a kid sleeping. The funny part is that the teacher did not call this person out in class. The fool who was sleeping called himself out in front of 90 so other people in the class..Please tell me how stupid are you? Why would he do that? Ummm....I have NO clue. Dumbass.

Oh the laughters of life and the dumb people in it. Ok its 10:00pm. 

Goodnight self. 

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