Thursday, January 27, 2011

#27 of 365. I Ran from A Crazy Man

January 27th/ Crazy Man Around Town

Picture: So, I took this picture after running away from him. His name is Eddie Cook and he is a local customer of ours at the court house. If you can tell by his clothing, he is what we call a "hot mess" plus physco! The first time I tried to take his picture I thought I was hidden, apparently not! He saw me, and I jetted back up the stairs to my office. I called the receptionist down stairs to see if he was coming up to my office, and sure enough he was. I ran out of the office and into another hiding area. I didn't go back to the office until it was clear.
My coworkers had a good laugh at the pandemonium I caused. This is not the first time Eddie has chased me down. The first time he hollered at me from across the street, I didn't reply, and he made his way towards me. Once again I ran like Forest Gump to a place of safety. Around this man NO one is safe. He's liable to do something, and I don't want to be around when he does it.

Different Subject: This is my first day of no makeup wearing, AGAIN! ^_^ I swear I’m always going from one extreme to the next! But! Hey! That is moi, I can’t help it. And luckily boogy knew what was going on before he said “I do”!  And speaking of the boogies of the world; I read this nice little blog. Do I envy that? Just a little bit….I can’t help but to, it’s in my nature!

But back to the no makeup wearing, one of the complaints that I have about not wearing any is that people think I’m always tired due to my huge dark circles around my eyes. It sucks. *sigh* But those I can’t do anything about. They are unfortunately genetic.

On another topic, boogy picked up our first set of furniture from the bedroom we don’t have yet! Yay! I can’t wait to get our own little place and use it.  

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