Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 72 of 365: Hair and Cramps

Today I planned on getting up at 6 am to do my work out, but after that 2 mile and some run and crossfit my body was yelling at me to stay in bed until 6:30. I listened! Got to work and my friend came to visit and pain, pain followed! I was miserable all day at work. I hardly could concentrate on anything. When home was finally in grasp, the bed called my name along with my rice heating pack. Me and Izzy Bear took a 30 minute nap followed by eating on my left over paleo diet food and getting hubby to help take down my 3 week old twists. The twists were starting to dread so I am to remind myself to NOT keep small twists in that long. It was a pain taking those horrid "protective twists" out. 

After taking them out i had to indulge in the bigness of the hair! Love BIG hair! Other people find it "amazing", which is so flattering to me. My hair gives me the change to help other women out with their hair, because they see mine and ask me all kinds of questions about natural hair care. I'm good at explaining that. I'm very team healthy natural hair! 

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