Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 Weeks and My Mother

While I wait for the food to finish up and Mason is outside working on his nephew's bike, I'll write a little something, something. (DINNER: miso soup, green beans, sauteed mushrooms, and garlic chicken) Speaking of food, this time around I'm not dying to eat every minute. I eat like a normal human being. I eat like I've been eating before I knew I was pregnant. That is a wonderful thing, because I do not want to have to loose 100 lbs after baby lol.

My breast are still tender, but they are bearable! I keep a bra on. It helps. I get really sleepy, especially after lunch. I have to fight like I'm in mortal kombat to keep awake. 

This morning, oh this morning, that's when I got a lovely phone call! More like a harassing phone call from my mother! What about you say? Oh, you know, the usual, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" She went on to say her and my dad both had dreams about babies and just knew it pertained to me! I tried and tried to deny it, but she got me when she told me to "swear on God you aren't lying". . . . UGH! really? No i'm not going to swear on GOD! I'm not going there! She would not give up so I gave in. *sigh She said she wasn't going to tell the whole world like she did last time. I'm going to believe her.  I told her to at least wait until I'm out of the danger zone, PLEASE! She said okay. 

We will see. 

In the pictures I'm 5 weeks. :) 

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