Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010: a year in review

Ev"Yan of apricot tea, a prominent blogger, well she is in my eyes because she actually has more than one follower! She did this Year in review in which she got from someone else. I thought this would be a good time to do this.
2010 Has been a wonderful year full of ups downs and merry-go-rounds! I've loved, laughed, cried, and enjoyed the nature around me from coast to coast.

I loved 2010, but it is near the end, so Goodbye dear friend.

  • I started crocheting and knitting again. I created many scarfs, slippers, even boots, and many other things by crocheting and/or knitting them.
  • I started a blog!!! WOWZERS! 
  • I got better and faster at writing for my legal field.

  • I worked out! Though I was not persistent, like many other things in my life...which needs to be nipped in the bud...I did work out off and on this year. 
  • As the 2010 year ends I've been eating not so healthy foods...like my weakness cake and Panera Bread pastries!....uhhh it's like sex in your mouth....yum
  • I have been drinking water like a crazy woman. Ive seen an improvement in my skin since drinking more water. 
  • I used more natural products on my face, such as Benoite Clay, castor, grapseed, and hazel nut oil mixture, in which I got from Moptop Maven. Her blog is so informative! I love it!
  • I realized how kind of friendless I am! 
  • My best friend transferred schools, so I don't see her that much. When she was closer I did not take advantage of that fact as often as i should have. But our friendship is still just as strong as it was when I met her 8 years ago. 
  • I realized that I have to be open to others and their views.  
  • I went to Alaska! Alaska was the best thing ever! I went on a cruise with my now husband and his family (mom dad and grannie)in June. On that cruise my hubby proposed to me. ^_^ 
  • I went to Destin, Florida on Mother's Day Weekend with my hubby and his family. 
  • I went to Jacksonville, Florida for Thanksgiving to spend with family I had not seen in a long time! That was the trip that got me in trouble the hubby because I went to a club for the fist time! That was not fun, I've learned I am not a club type girl. Short dresses, I call shirts are not for me! 
  • Money was definitely not too much of an issue.
  • I did buy my driod x at original price! That was not the best idea I've came up with. I was able to afford it, but I could have saved it up. 
  • I saved over 1000 dollars this year, but now it has depleted dew to black Friday, my birthday, and Christmas! 
  • Me and hubby started a club account and have over 1000 in it! Money saves up fast when two heads work as one! 
giving back:
  • I cleaned out my closet twice this year, and I gave it to goodwill. 
  • I fed a homelss man in Pensacola. 
  • I cooked for my inlaws and hubby hahaha....Ok...maybe that's not giving back. 
  • I went natural this year. I cut my hair back in April. It was only 3 inches long. That was the shortest I ever had my hair, EVER! i shocked the hell out of everyone! lol....That was one of the best days of my life. Going natural is like some kind of spiritual awakening. Now my hair is below my collar bone!
  • I began to stop caring so much about what my parents wanted me to do, and what I wanted to do. I'm still going through this process but it has been better
  • I finally went to the doctor or psychologist for depression. I'm now on a "happy pill" and I learned that I'm not that depressed I just have anxiety issues. The "happy pill" has helped the chemicals in my body balance out and that part in my brain that works all my emotions and shit have now been balanced! My hubby doesn't want me to get off them! We'll see. 
  • Jada is back! =sex fien
  • I learned that I need to listen to my hubby better than I do/did. Process.....
  • I got two more wholes in my ear, so now I have a total of six.
  • I got typsy haha....fun fun....i learned I am a light weight! 
  • I learned that religion sucks, and I don't like using the word religion....eww 
  • Mason and I got into 2 or 3 huge fights. Things got broken, crumpled, and put back together. 
  • I broke up with him due to my fear of marriage and things not being perfect. I know now that is stupid. No one is going to be perfectly how you want them. No Stepford husbands here ladies.  
  • I learned that Mason will never leave me no matter how flawed I am. 
  • I got engaged and married at a nice courthouse. 
  • I'm learning to love that man better each day through the good and bad times
  • Mason is my bestfriend, lover, and husband. 
  • I bought my first car!
  • I did a lot of grownup things on my own
  • I turned 22. 
  • I became obssessed with YouTube and Blogs. ^_^  

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