Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Guilt...Just Love

So, today. has been very good. I got to actually see my husband! We have what you may say, a long distance relationship....As fun as that may sound it's not the best setup, but as time moves on, we will be united. Then we'll see each others face every single day! Are we ready for that? I think so, but we'll never know until that day arrives!

After a nice session of "married things" we cuddled, watched 8 mile, and now.......I'm blogging while looking hideously atrocious  with my Benoite clay mask and he's playing his latest car racing game on his ps3! Oh the joys of marriage life. His side of the bed and mine. I love it though. I've waited a very long time to be able to stay with him, as long as I wanted without the thoughts of feeling guilty for the pleasure. No more guilt for his skin on my skin, just....peace and genuine love.

As for tomorrow, it will be filled with parting and most likely me getting slizzerd!!! Can't wait. I don't get drunk very often at all!! but the experience once in a while is in away liberating. For me it is like I have no cares and everything is just so damn funny. The downfall is that i freakin fall down a lot., but then again I am under the influence, it's expected. But i have my crutch to lean on when i can't lean on myself aka the catch me when i fall person in my life. And as for the next day, we will be Biloxi, MS bound, for some shopping, some gambling, and probably drunkin "married things".

no guilt though....just love, happiness, and peace. 

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