Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#54 of 365. The Sex Talk

February 23rd/Pecan Roll Heaven

Picture: Now, the day is half-way over. I am at school about to edit and post away. Before arriving at school I had to get my free smoothie from smoothie king and get a sandwich from Panera. For dessert or later I got the one and only pecan roll! This is the best treat since sliced bread! I was not able to use my nice cannon camera due to it not having a memory card in it. I always forget to take that blasted memory stick out of my computer. I went to the next best device, my phone.

Written Earlier in the Day
Not much is going on today.
I did get a few compliments and/or statements about my wig. That was interesting. I really didn’t how to react to some of the comments like, “I didn’t even recognize you”. Oh, here’s a nice one, my mother stated that the wig was cute, and that it is a good thing I got something to cover that forehead of mine. Thanks mom.  One coworker said, “I like how you looked in your picture on facebook that you just put up.” I was wearing the same hair in that picture. So I guess the picture looked better than how I really look in person. She may not have meant that, but that sure is how it came out. Regardless, I like my new “lazy” doo.
On another note, I am suppose to go to a go away party for Anastasia and bring a dish. I probably will pick up a big sandwich, take it to her house way before 7 pm and say my goodbyes. I have class tonight along with class homework that must be done. I would love to party it up with her and her friends, but my time is very limited. I’ll see what I can do.
Last night, one of the bloggers that I follow has started a new blog. Her topics in her newest blog post are seemingly based on the mentality that woman mostly should be comfortable/ open to masturbating, watching porn, as well as talking about it freely as if it should be apart of normal conversation amongst girlfriends. And people then comment on what she has written. Most of the people that commented do agree with her, and watch porn/and or masturbate themselves. So where do I stand?
Frankly, I’m too lazy to masturbate, and not only that I love to orgasm when my husband is the corporate of the intense erotic feeling. If woman of today want to talk to their friends about how they get down with their pooh-nanny at night then that’s their business. I rather not talk about that intimacy to them or hear them talk about their pleasure to me in any kind of detail. That’s just not on my list of things we as girlfriends need to talk about. Sure I’ll talk to my hubby about it anytime if I feel the need to. Maybe when hubby leaves me for 6 months I’ll grow into considering masturbation. I don’t know right now, I’m too busy these days.  
As for porn, I find no pleasure in watching two people “do it” for the sake of money. Frankly, if you look at my facial expression, the lines in my face appear and my mouth is turned in an upside down kind of fashion or maybe my whole face shows a sign of sadness. Even though a lot of women agree to do these types of things, I can’t help but think of what their story is or how did they get there, are they ok? Basically, I don’t get pleasure out of watching that as if I were watching an interesting documentary. I essentially think entirely too deep into the situation. So, if I were to watch vagina and penis, I would get depressed. (Laugh out loud)  
In the blog, was also the mentioning of whether men are strictly visual or mental sexual creatures. She, as well as others thinks that men are not strictly that and woman are not strictly mental. I am both, but my visual comes from my hubby not from random people on porn shows.    
So, how about my kids? Will I tell my children to be hush, hush about sex? No, I want them to be educated in the good and bad about it. They should know about the STDs and early pregnancies, as well as the orgasms for men and women. I will tell them to masturbate if they need to get an urge away. I rather my kids “do themselves” rather than someone “do my baby”. Yes, the conversation at first will be hard, but I think it is important to get across, because I rather them learn from me or their father.
I think I have gotten the sex talk out of the way for today. Haha. ^_^

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