Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#49, 50,51, & 52 of 365. Lake Cabin Adventure

AHHHH I have not posted since Thursday! But I have a great reason as to why I have not. I was with my husband at the lake cabin. And there was no internet nor was there any cable. I didn’t even bring my crocheting, because I wanted to spend all my time with my hubby. I did cheat some and got on my phone’s internet, but I didn’t waste too much time on that.

We had a great time playing house for the first time. I did all the wifely things, such as cooking every morning and night and cleaning. He did help me with both though. I thank God for that because most husbands don’t help their wives do squat!

Not to mention the whole time we were there (Friday through Monday) the weather was so wonderful. We went out to the lake, skipped rocks, took pictures, and enjoyed the peaceful sounds of nature in our pajamas. I felt so connected. If we weren’t outside we were snuggled up on the couch watching movie after movie or listening to music as we cooked or cleaned.   

Since we didn’t have to be quiet, the bedroom action was fantastic too! Oh the grandeur that took place.

Though I was not able to post everyday I did take pictures everyday and this is what 
each day brought...


February 18th/ Excited To Be Seeing My Lover Soon 


February 19th/ Saturday of Bliss at the Lake 


February 20th/ Nuvo 


February 21st/ Riding in the Truck 

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