Sunday, February 27, 2011

#57 of 365. Humph

February 26th/ Back to the Curly Fro

I got up around 8 am.
Washed my hair and did my protein treatment as well as a deep condition.
Went to work
Got complimented on my afro'd hair by a white couple in there maybe 40s. Interesting.
Decided I'm going to get my tragus pierced this coming Monday.
Went home
Went back to the movie theater to watch Justin Bieber with my sister. That was exciting.
I now want his CD haha
The girl that was looking over my paper, which is today didn't finish it or whatever because someone died in her family.
I rushed to do my own editing and sent it off like 1 hour before Saturday was over.
My husband texted me telling me he was drunk playing cards with his mom and drunk grannie at the lake cabin.
Wasn't joyous about that. Just when I was ok with not seeing or being with him this weekend he's having a ball or what-have you without me. So it seems....
I've noticed a pattern with his drinking. I don't know if he's getting it out his system before he has to go to basic or doing it cuz his friends and family are or what. I don't know. Whatever.
I'm tired.
Gotta finish up some homework tomorrow. So I'll be going to church and doing that later cuz it due the 27th.
All in all its been an ok day.

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