Sunday, January 2, 2011

#1 + #2 of 365. Party. Drinking. Gambling.

January 2nd/ Biloxi Hotel

Those three words are all conjoined to equal sin! I couldn’t help myself so I did indulge in it this weekend.
December 31st/January 1st was filled with going to Preston and his roommates place and living it up with hunch punch in one hand! I do believe that was my first party in which I did not have to worry about being home at a certain time. Complete freedom is what that boiled down to.
January 1st/Buzzed Hubby
I met some cool individuals. They each had a story of their own, and even though I was inebriated. I was happy they shared apart of themselves to me, and together we brought the new year in with complete joy and slight pain for my hubby! WHY? Well because he was teaching Kristen how to blow Everclear over a lighter. His drunken self was holding the lighter for her. She ended up getting most of the alcohol on hubby and his hand caught on fire. I can laugh now about it, but during the act I was a freaking out wife! This is my first picture for January 1st, 2011. My husband being himself, DANGEROUS!  

Me and the hubby got home around 3 something in the morning and had a good ol time until 4 something, and we knocked out like a rock!

The next morning around 9 am we got up and got ready to go to Biloxi, MS for a time of relaxation at least that was for me. My poor husband had a bit of a hangover so he wasn’t too comfy on the ride there but he got through it.

I’ve learned that I love to relax in hotels, but gambling is just not my cup of tea. I see that hard earned money go down the drain! It's fun to play the game for others, but for moi I can’t do it. From what I did play I got $70 and hubby got a whopping $349. We left with some profit from what we came with, so all in all it panned out well. Now gambling isn't what I like, but drop me off at a shopping plaza full of outlets I’ll be just as happy as those people sitting in a casino. I’m feigning to go to target and rue21 asap. :-)
On another note I took a few cool pics in the IP Hotel where we stayed in Biloxi that can be added to my 365 project.  :-]

We are on our way home as of right this second, so back to the usual come Monday morning, and January 10th school begins. I’m not excited about that at all, but I’m almost done! That's my motivation until then I shall enjoy this ride home with hubby as my buns are being warmed with heated seats, and my stomach continues to digest that iced white chocolate mocha and orange blossom muffin.

This New Year has started off peachy.
 *on a side note, I have officially started my 365 project. I missed posting January 1st so I’ve added the 1st picture on January 2nd’s post.*

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