Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 122-123 of 365: Thursday and Hubby's Birthday

Thursday was a long day! That morning was full of that blinking flashing light, which is the fire alarm! We fled the building the first time, the other times were tests. The blinking lights are also accompanied by a loud noise and a man telling us to leave the building. Secondly, I was suppose to leave the office at 4, but to no avail the court did not have the docket up like they were supposed to! instead the docket went up at 3, and it was completed screwed up; therefore, I had to stay past 4:45 to finish the job. Yay. It's okay though, even if I did not get to leave on time or see Vira like I planned. I got home after doing some small shopping to my hubby and best friend. I did her hair, we watched misfits, laughed, and talked. The night ended well. 

I know this is more than one picture, but today has been fun! The day started off with crossfit, and I kicked butt! The one handed hand stand is one of the accomplishments  I was not able to do that 3 months ago! The WOD of the day as follows: Strength: OH Squat 5 x 5
1 x 15 OH Squat (unbroken)

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes
1) 10 Deadlifts 
10 Push Ups
2) 20 Situps
Guess who kept up, and hung with the RX girls?? ME!!! I love when I see progress! I could fit into some pants that previously was not fitting well!  Ok, enough of me!

 Another reason for the fun day is because it's my hubby's birthday!!! He's 24 today. Twenty four more years wiser! Me and izzy dressed up for him! She had on her hello kitty dress, and well, I had on a lovely outfit not pictured. He enjoyed his gifts, blooming onion, red lobster dinner, money, and full body massage.

Today has been good.  

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