Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 135 - 138 of 365: Just Izzy and I

Wednesday, oh gee. I can't remember what happened that day besides snatch galore at crossfit, and our kitchen sinking leaking. The snatching was not as bad as I thought it would be. I only did 75 lbs though. I will get heavier weight though, it's my goal. Oh, Izzy Bear did get her tubes tide!

Thursday is the day I picked my Izzy bear up. She was so ready to come home. When the lady brought her out to me, she reached for me with those big eyes, like MAMA!!!!! It was so cute. Poor thing!

Friday was yesterday, and it was pretty boring. I got home, ordered some Chinese food, and rented two redbox movies. I only got through Django before I went to sleep around 10 something. I have such an exciting life. I did hear some GREAT news Friday. Hubby got the full time slot out at his unit! So happy about that! I have a money plan in motion now. Down payment on house here we come! I do want to have a little fun now. On memorial day I proposed that we go to the beach. I've been wanting to go for so long. Plus, I've been working hard on my summer body and I have a new swimsuit bottom that fits! My weight now is between 120 - 123, and my measurements are 32, 25, 36 1/2. That is an improvement! My weight use to be 125-127 and my measurements were 32, 27, 37. 

Today aka Saturday I went to see my mom, and sister at the art museum. That time spent was cool then I went to harass my best bud before she had to be at work.  I finally get to see my hubby. He has been gone all week watching his parents dogs. Me and Izzy are waiting for him to get off so he can pick us up. We have missed him very much. Izzy is still recovering from her surgery. Not only did they spay her, but the took her old canines out while she was under the anesthesia. She hasn't been as rambunctious as usual, and to me that is just fine. The older she gets the more she seems to act like me or look like me. Her face is half white, and the other black. It's so weird! It's
like she's half me and the other hubby, plus my arm has a distinct line of a different shade of color.

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