Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 147 -148: Memorial and Post M.D.

Memorial Day was great fun in the sun! I had way too much pulled pork, bread, beef, ice cream, pop up pie, wine, and beer! YES! I went all out! I was so tired when we got home around 9 pm. I could hardly move! So now, I'm trying to redeem myself. 

I sure did redeem my massage gift certificate! OMG that was the best hour massage! Ms. George hooked me up! At first I was really nervous! I have never had a professional full body massage, so it was kind of awkward being how the only thing separating my body from her was a thin sheet! I'm sure she's seen worse, but still it was awkward  She was really nice, made me feel comfortable, and she had an awesome fro! After she "felt me up" haha we chatted about natural hair. ;) 

The new workout shirt is a DIY from andreaschoice on youtube! That girl is so cool! In my head we are great friends haha. Tomorrow I will do my best at WOD while sporting my creation! Goodnight folks! 

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