Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 124-127: Four Days

CHEESE AND CRACKERS! There’s always something that must go wrong, huh? Last night I had typed up all I was going to say for the past three days I missed doing for my blog, and right as I was finishing up my app closed down, and I lost everything! I was not happy, because it was right at 10 pm when I finished and that is my bed time! Hubby had told me just go to bed and do it tomorrow. Here we go again!

Saturday- Friends and family day was a-go! I met up with my best friend to go with her to her Air Force Reserves family day. Lele, her sister and her mother joined as well. This was the first time I’ve met her mom and sister. They were nice Jamaican folks! Ya man. Also, Saturday was supposed to be the day I received my juicer I saved and worked hard for! The FedEx company is now on my “dislike” list. I waited, waited, and waited all day for them to come. They aren’t supposed to make any more drops after 7 pm, so me and hubby went to run an errand, and their happy asses showed up after we left. I was and still am so pissed.

Sunday was the dreaded grocery shopping day solo dolo. I bought mainly fruits and veggies, and a total of 50 items for $127, which will get us by for 1 ½- 2 weeks. As you can probably tell by the picture the shop of choice was Wally World.

Monday was not one of my all day happy days. Crossfit was good, then work was boring. I got home worked out again with hubby, ate some good homemade Mexican food, watched the awesome show Misfits, and ended the night pretty good with laughs and giggles. I was still disappointed that I could not get my juicer, but today, TODAY I should get it!

Tuesday aka Today is the day I shall get home and my juicer will be awaiting me! I told hubby to not open it and let me do the honors lol…I’m really excited about my dang juicer, if you couldn’t tell already. Sucks that I must work tonight and all the rest of the week, but money is being made and we are on the search for home. Hopefully, not only will I get my juicer, but that I’ll also hear some good news from hubby about the job he applied for via his unit. Now, that would make for an epic day.
As for today’s picture, lately I’ve been into Wet n’ Wild products. I’m still figuring out their lip stains, but the lip gloss is definitely a keeper!

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