Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 133 of 365: Monday, Monday

Nothing special has gone on today. Besides the usual crossfit, me sending a mothers day card today (yes, I know I'm a bad daughter) and painting my nails at walmart and the rest at work. Hubby came home to spend some time with me and izzy before he had to go back to dog siting at his parents house. I tell you what, the more time I spend with that man the harder it is to cope while he's gone.  

I feel my allergies taking me over. Izzy is looking at me like I'm a wanker while I'm blowing my nose like a crazy woman. Ill be hitting the bed soon, in the meantime here's my pic of the day! I'm in my pajamas watching the latest Smash on Hulu and admiring my quick nail job. 

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