Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 of 365: Folding Clothes?

Folding clothes? Uh, what is that you speak of? 
As one can tell, I hate folding clothes! I will wash the clothes all day! But after that, I tend to procrastinate big time! I must do better I know. In my head, at this very moment clothes are being put away, and nicely folded and tucked away in their designated spaces. In my HEAD! haha

As I digress, this photo is of my lovely flowers, my husband bought me in order to be on display in our one bed room, one bath apartment before our housewarming/wedding reception/bridal party showed up the next day at our place. September 15th is the day I felt like I got married all over again to my lovely husband, while also feeling like a princess. Why? Because, I finally after two years put that wedding dress on. that I bought only to never where in a real wedding. Yes, no real wedding, just a nice court house wedding with our immediate loved ones. Would I change that in order to have the most fanciest wedding? NEVER! I loved how we showcased our love, simple and most of all in a CHEAP manor.

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