Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Farewell 2012

Okay so let me break it downnnnnn, while I munch on some homemade pancakes and warm tea! The year 2012 has flown by me like a whirlwind, but like any plan freak, I have the special days written down in my planner. So what did I do for the past year or what happened?

JANUARY:  stamps went up to $.45, and I got a raise at my old job!

FEBRUARY:  had my last day at my old job, and moved to our first place

MARCH: started a new job at the leasing office for my apartment complex, and sprung forward

APRIL:  quite that new leasing job and got my job I have now, which is in the field I went to college for…law

MAY:  hubby turned 23, and we went to Talladega, Alabama so that hubby, pop in law, and brother in law could drive real NASCARs around the famous track

JUNE:  i got a racy piercing, learned how to cut hubby’s hair and lost the technique soon after, stasi turned 24, gab turned 23, and vira had a wedding anniversary with her “cosmo”

JULY: someone stole $206 from my bank account and went to Target in Ohio, I am very hesitant to purchase anything from Amazon now. Went back to El Paso, TX to celebrate the union of a dear friend she is now Mrs. Smith, and the same day the 2012 Olympics started!

AUGUST: Olympics ended, gabby won gold, and my best friend gab came back from oversees to leave again to North Dakota

SEPTEMBER: I hit 3 years relaxer-free; I was really excited to watch the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, Cyrus should have won L;  went on a zombie walk for hunger ; on the 15th I felt like I got married all over again to my love, because after two years I put my wedding dress on and took our first wedding pictures!

OCTOBER: Halloween was a blast; the Walking Dead came back on AMC among other shows I watch finally premiered; went to three Halloween parties in a row and felt like I was young again; and started pole dancing lessons

NOVEMBER: I turned 24; learned some new pole tricks, and just had a good thanksgiving with family

DECEMBER:  I dyed my hair blue black; had a 2 year wedding anniversary with hubby, got in touch with Angelika und Heinz in Deutschland via phone of vira. Talking to them brought tears of joy to my eyes. It’s been so long. I will go back to Germany. Lastly, a new addition has been added to my family, her name is Izzy Bear and she’s a yorkie ^_^


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