Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10 of 365: Dog Tongue and Other Jumble

This pup is so photogenic. My hubby took the first picture. He did a good job, and being how she faced the right way in order to get a perfect shot, he captured the moment. She sleeps with her tongue slightly out and her eyes a tad bit open.

On another note, I got paid today and paid the bills, and went grocery shopping. We were running on just about nothing! The best part of doing the big grocery shopping we went to Winn-dixie, and we bought over $200 worth of food, and paid only $142. They have great deals on meat and other essentials, not to mention fuel perks, that can be used at Shell Stations. We saved 74 dollars. That's a lot of money for people that like to save like me! I will be cooking meals that will be able to last for awhile, like I made a big pot of spaghetti, pop up pie, and fried plantains. Of course, all that was mentioned was not the most healthiest. We eat healthy 90% of the time though. 

Speaking of health, I have been on a healthy journey for awhile now. I have seen such an improvement with my problem area, called my stomach. As the going says, "you are what you eat"! 

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