Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 30 of 365: Gym

Oh yea! The gym! It's not glamorous at all, but it is all worth it when I (you) finally get the results you have been working towards. But working out and eating right (20% exercise & 80% diet) must become a lifestyle. It has taken me many years to get this! At one point I just stopped working out and battled my food addiction. Granite, I have never been obese or over 131 pounds, but 131 pounds of non muscle on my 5'3 frame is no bueno my friend. With my better diet full of water, fruits and veggies has helped me shed unwanted fat especially around my stomach. 

I could, should write a post about my daily diet to keep me on track and possibly help someone else out there. Right now it is 10:17 PM, which means past my bed time. I have a 6 o'clock appointment with my DVD player! Zcut is assisting me in my body goals! I love Zuzka, she is my best friend (in my head). :)

Whenever the time comes for me to be blessed with a child I pray I retain the motivation to stay fit during and after pregnancy. I would like to be one hot momma! ^_^ 

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