Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 31 of 365: Armpits!

Deodorant, what about it? I’ve changed brands because I am trying to get rid of my dark underarms before summer! These are the steps I have been taking to do that.
· Wax or epilate
· Exfoliate/use my spinning brush (actually stolen from hubby)
· Spray with my homemade toner I use for my face (apple cider vinegar & green tea)
· Moisturize with homemade coconut oil lotion and/or shea butter mixture
· Use non-aluminum deodorant (trying Tom's out today)

Today, I realized that my deodorant that I have been using for the past couple of months has aluminum in it. The aluminum may be the culprit to the darkness under my arms along with excessive shaving. I’m testing these theories. Of course, in order to get rid of the darkness will take time and consistency like anything! Journey to lighter armpits begins!

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