Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 44 of 365: 1st Grade and Love Language

My coworker came by and passed out all these v-day cards to everyone. So nice. Made me feel like I was in 1st grade lol!

On another note! I got the job! Ill be working at the baseball stadium this summer as the cashier/beer portal girl. Let the tips roll in. I wonder how many days a week ill get, and if I will like my co-workers, because I don't find many of my coworkers at my full time job to be too cool.

Tomorrow is valentines day I wonder what hubby will think to do! I know what I'm doing for him and he will enjoy it! :) We for the most part have good love language skills! Love language equals listening to your partner and fulfilling those needs without being asked! At least that's how I feel about it. For example, if hubby is talking to me about wanting that fancy massage chair from brookstone, but I know we can't afford it right now, the perfect gift for vday would be an awesome massage from me! Listening and putting into action!

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