Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51 of 365: Taxes and Astrology

So once again, I almost missed posting for the day again.  I was caught up watching American Idol with hubby and Izzy.

But since I was going to do this today the picture seemed appropriate. I have yet to file taxes, and we are going to work on that as soon as we find out if we can use mom-n-laws turbo tax! I feel like the military base, though the service is free, doesn't do all they can to help us get back as much as I/we deserve. So cheers to filing taxes on our own for the first time!

Side note*
apparently Sagittarius and Taurus  aren't compatible! BAH HUMBUG! But  Scorpio's and Taurus are ;). I will claim Scorpio, because me and hubby are perfect for each other :P
F astrology!

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