Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 45 of 365: Love Day

Happy Valentines Day! My love bought me Black Jamaican Castor oil!!! Sounds non romantic but it's perfect to me! It's what I've been wanting! After receiving my gift we went searching in platos closet for some khakis but to no avail found nothing. Instead of searching elsewhere for them hubby took us to the cities winery, and bought a bottle of red wine. Being how it's a holiday the line was very long, but we made it! Next was food, because I didn't feel like cooking, a restaurant it was! For some reason I've been craving the elegant Zaxby's so that's what I got lol! I saved all my calories for it too! Hubby got Quiznos, so we sat in the shopping plaza and ate our romantic dinner! It was simply great, we laughed and talked of old and new times! It's been a good Love Day! I can't complain at all! I know hubby can't complain either because after our movie (Taken 2) he got a full body 30 minute massage. I'm pretty pleased with my massaging skills...Maybe the bottle of red wine made my hands magical! Hubby definitely thought so!

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