Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49 of 365: Roller Set Adventure

So today has been a complete hair day! I had to get up early to workout so that I could co wash my hair and test which products work best to do the roller set. What I found is that a tad bit of Giovanni conditioner, setting lotion from Jane Carter Solutions, and a little bit of Eco styler gel. I will say this roller setting didn't come to me with ease. After doing the middle in a good pace, the sides were a struggle, then I didn't have enough rollers! So I improvised by adding my curl formers to the mix.

I used my diffuser on my hair until my brother came with hooded dryer. I stayed under there for a little bit over 30 minutes. The curls turned out wonderful and my ends were straight, but my roots were still textured. I could have worn it as is, but I got curious and just flat ironed my hair.
I found that the treseme heat protector spray did a better job than the serum. I used a heat tempture of 400. 350 degrees did okay, but I wanted better. I'm pretty sure this time I did not acquire heat damage. I had no oils in my hair this time. Coconut oil was added after everything was said and done.

I can't believe how long my hair is! I've never had hair this long. I went through my old pictures of when i first started my healthy hair journey and almost cried. I've came a long way, and have learned so much! I'm definitely wiser than I was when I was 21!

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