Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 94 and 95 of 365: Biscuits

I've been working both my jobs this week! It's been mad!! Today was worse than yesterday! The first picture is yday and I took a picture of a picture today, and yes I agree with the statement!

Right now I'm sitting on the floor in the kitchen as hubby washes dishes and I wait for the laundry. Yup! I just got off my other job about an hour ago, and im stoll working to some extent at home! I'm tired! Not to mention we got up at 440 AM to go to crossfit! How am I still functioning I really don't know! The Lord knows! Tomorrow will be another long day of errands and working at job #2! Crossfit with Vira and hubby here we come,7:40 Am wake up call right after I finish my mud slide!


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