Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 110 - 111 of 365: 4/20 Cherry

Saturday, oh Saturday brought me joy and trouble with the hubby. My best friends spent the night with me. So Saturday morning was cross fit, where I killed it! I finally accomplished the whole exercise. I have found the issues to my troubles during the week. I am not eating enough before I go workout, it's a no brainer right?! The dizzy spells during heavy lifting is going to be a figment of the past! Gab and Adam are probably sore as ever right now, but they enjoyed being in my workout atmosphere. After the working out, we went thrifting! I found, FINALLY, the bottom of a bathing suit that actually covers my whole butt and a cute big-in-your-face hair bow! I paid $1.75 for those two awesome items. SCORE!

Being how it was 4/20 and me and Adam have never celebrated, we popped that cherry. Oh the things I could say about that, but I'm not. It was awesome, even though I did get in some hot water with the hubby for it. :(

Later that night was dinner and redbox movie with the two love birds pictured above. All in all 4/20 was an epic day.

Today is going to be a hair wash/lazy day. I made my own hair wash with Naptural85's recipe via youtube. I've been wanting to buy hair terrestrial's mud wash, but my bentonite clay mask was doing fine. Because of naptural85 I can make my own using bentonite clay. She didn't use that, but it's the same concept and the clay does the same thing has hers does. I used what I had at home. I'm doing a deep condition right now, so I will be trying out the clay wash for the first time very, very soon! I'll have to document the experience? Maybe.

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