Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 99-102 of 365: Four Days of Madness

Tuesday my babe left for his two and half weeks of Army Stuff! :( so when he's gone I go on a cleaning binge. I went as far as to vacuum out the refrigerator. Not only was I doing all this cleaning to keep busy but for my mother n law who is babysitting my pup while I'm visiting my besty in GA.

Wednesday I did what I never thought I could and that is DEAD LIFT 200 lbs!!!! I was so happy I accomplished that. My other max out weights are 75 for strict press and 165 for back squats! I felt that workout the next day for sure.

Thursday was traveling day to see my bud! When i got to her place she wasnt home yet so I worked out and cleaned her bathroom lol. I'm a slight clean freak Nd she's not! Stasi took me to a place to get my first cider beer. It was yum!

Friday aka today has been good! I went to the mall while Stasi was at work. I saw many clothing options but wasn't able to get much. I really shouldn't have bought what I got but it was too cute and cheap to pass up! Tonight is a free movie and tomorrow is TN AQUARIUM!!! Super stocked! On a slight sad not my babes phone is dead and cannot be revived. I'll be eagerly waiting for his phone call from a strange number. I miss him much! Going to go listen to his voicemail he left me again. *sigh*

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