Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 103-106 of 365: Atlanta Trip Hightlights

4/13 – Saturday
Saturday was a marvelous day, because me and Stasi went to the TN aquarium!!! We were like children! Heck we may as well say we are!  Everyone thought we were teenagers and that we were sisters! Negative and negative, but we didn’t mind! I love to be mistaken for younger than I am! Makes me feel youthful! Also, I got some really good photography tips from a lady that was taking pictures of the fish. I was having a hard time capturing fishy moments in the low lighting. She didn’t give me tips randomly! I asked her about her lens [ I really want a new lens], and it went from there! I love how there are still good, helpful people in the world.

4/14 – Sunday
Six year old birthday partyyyyy timeeeee!!!! I was the certified photographer!  I helped a friend out! It was rainy and stinking cold, but Stasi aka “face painter supreme” and I made it through smiling and giggling. Trina (the birthday boy’s mother) has a cool family. They made me feel like I belonged!  Sunday was also the day I had to leave my little booboo! She didn’t want me to leave, but nevertheless, I had to. I missed my izzy bear as well. Unfortunately she is going through some extreme separation anxiety. I can’t wait for my husband to get back. We both miss him a lot, a lot, a lot!!!!

4/15 – Monday
Due to izzy bear’s anxiety she did not want to sleep! She woke up every hour or less barking and acting like she was trying to protect me. I got 4 hours of sleep. I came to work grouchy! I cheered up when I had to go to job #2 so that I could get tips! I made 29.75, and it was a slow night. It’s money to go into my juicer fund! I got hit on a couple of times by customers and co-workers, but it’s the price I pay for looking good and having a good personality I guess hahaha.  Once again, people were asking me if I was even old enough to be pouring them beer as I asked for their I.D.  Ego boosted person over here!!

4/16 – Tuesday aka Today
Thank God, today is only a one job kind of day. I plan on running some errands and going home to my poor dog that needs some exercise! I would like to go home do yoga or workout, but I will be unselfish and keep izzy entertained until I need to sit down and do some work such as edit Trina’s son’s birthday pictures and start on a hat that I’m making for a client! I’m always busy!  While being busy I’ll be waiting for a phone call from husband!  Those calls brighten my day!

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