Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 115 of 365: Not As Planned

Have you ever had those times where you have planned up how things are going to go in your head and it doesn’t turn out like that at all!? Yup! My brain scenarios don’t ever come to the light of day! I thought hubby would be home when I got there – FAIL. I had no clue as to when he would show. Finally, 8 pm he walks through the door. Scenario 2: jump on him, as he drops everything to a warm long embrace – NOPE. I didn’t jump on him. Scenario 3: long, passionate, married things followed by talking and cuddling till we fell asleep – NOPE. Yea, the married stuff was good, but not what I planned in my head. Soon after, other things had to be done like trying to fix a phone, and me getting my clothes out for work. Not too much talking happened between us. You would think we would be conversing with each other non-stop since we didn’t talk much at all during the weeks he was gone – FAIL. Now, today is Thursday and I have to work both jobs, so a few words, a kiss, and a once clean house was what I left with this morning. I’ll see him around 9 PM, I’ll have to prepare for the next long ass day, most likely pick up shit, and go to bed. Hopefully his phone will get fixed tomorrow, because this non- communication is giving me anxiety and I’m pretty stressed out. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Oh, then I did something wrong at my job, so that wasn’t fun to hear. *sigh I just want to go home, see/talk to my husband, see a brand new red chair I’ve been supposed to have, and play with my dog. :-/ We can’t always have what we want though.

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