Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 109 of 365: Disappointed

I'm so disappointed in myself this is the second workout that I was unable to completely finish within the time frame! I know I probably should have done 105 instead of 125 lbs, but I wanted and needed to push myself. That weight was my limit for the many dead lift reps I had to do. I completed 4 complete rounds out of 5. I was almost at the half way mark on round 5. The workout was 9-6-3 plus lateral burpees equalling to 1 round. Am I being to hard on myself? I feel unaccomplished in other areas such as not finding a schedule now that I have a second job. I need organization in my life or i will crack under pressure! I still have to start on a hat order!!! AHHH!!! When mason gets back ill need to cook! I haven't cooked since he left! He's gotta eat while I'm at work. He's not good at finding things to eat besides can soup and tuna. My anxiety is trying to get me. I need to breath and make a plan.

Now on to getting this docket put out I'm swamped at work (job 1). I am thankful that my boss came to me and told me how appreciative he is of me and how he doesn't want to loose me. That makes me feel good about myself and about what I do here at chapter 13.

Speaking of 13 it's my sisters 13th birthday. Ill have to call her, unfortunately I won't be able to bowl with her unless they do it tomorrow. Oh how time flies when your busy being a workaholic like myself.

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