Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 108 of 365: Teary Eyed

I guess I’m just a big old baby. I don’t know how I got through 11 months of no hubby. I guess because we had letters during basic and after he went to AIT he had a cell phone so we texted a lot. This week and the rest of the weeks he has and will be phoneless, bumming a phone off someone every other day. He called me not too long ago, but I was only able to talk to him for 3 minutes before he had to go. Yea I’m crying on the inside and tearing up on the outside. Didn’t even get to tell him much, like how I did last night with tips or my foot in the mouth moments. *sigh* I’m steadily losing weight apparently. I’m down to 121.4, I guess that’s good. I’ll try to stop being sad by 4, so I can be cheerful for these biscuit customers.

On a good note I'm scheduled to work three out of 4 nights at the beer portable which means tips for my juicer! I just need 81 more dollars! I also need to make sure miss France's doesn't try to rob me in the parking lot for my tips when she finds out I get the beer again! That crazy funny old lady!

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