Friday, February 11, 2011

#42 of 365. Ah Nothing Much

February 11th/ I love my Yarn
Picture: This was taken today while on my lunch break. I've started a new project,but this time with my crochet needle. Oh, and yes I knitted my hat I'm wearing!

I love the opportunity to do what I love.

Other: I went to my theater job after my full time one today. I will do the same tomorrow night and Sunday night. I kind of missed working there. I am more jovial and such, my coworkers like me there! Not that my full time coworkers don't like me, but they are all 40 plus. I feel very distant from them. The theater coworkers are around my age. 

I kind of despise text messaging now. I feel like I miss out on a lot of good conversations with hubby, but there's nothing much I can do about that.
Valentines is coming around soon, but I'll be at school, and most likely no hubby to see. :-( Valentine's Day sucks!

Well let me post this before it is midnight.

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