Thursday, February 17, 2011

#48 of 365. Better Late Than Never

February 17th/ Late Valentine's From Dad

Picture: I got the balloon and stuffed lion from my daddi, while at work today! The company messed up the delivery day so that's why is sooo late getting to me. It was really unexpected to receive this from my dad. He asked me on valentine's day what the number to the flower shop was, but I knew for sure it was for my mom only. He does stuff like that for her on valentine day. Low and behold it was for me too!

Better late than never!

Other: So my mom on the other hand is great at telling me the flaws in my body. I had on a tank top and I was kind of bent, so unfortunately my little stomach fat was at its highest peak. She saw that and laughed and said some other stuff. Real nice MOM! I put on a bigger shirt. She asked why I changed shirts? I told her, first it is cold in the house and second you being mean to me. I swear my mom....*sigh*

Tomorrow is the big day! Me and hubby act like a real married couple for a couple of days. Not only that, but I have some nice surprises in store for him. I know he'll love it.

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